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Baby Shower: Elephant Theme

elephant cake

Elephants for Elliott * Baby Shower

This weekend my Sister & I threw my SIL a Baby Shower we called, Elephants for Elliott. My SIL chose the Elephant theme for him and it made decorating and planning a blast! From the invites to cake and games, we went elephant crazy and here it is in photos!

Elephant invitations
Invites baby shower

This is her 3rd boy and she has a lot of stuff already so we threw her a diaper bash! How it worked were that everyone was mailed an invitation and a Diaper Bash card with instructions. The guests were given a number in their invitation kit we made (1-3). That number determined the size diapers and gift card amount they were to gift. For example-if you got the above card it states that the ‘Elephant below has assigned you the #2″ so it says for you to purchase a box of size 2 diapers & a gift card containing the #2 (could be $20 or $30 plus 2 dollar bills, etc..). This was a hit and she was loaded with diapers as you can see below and tone of gift cards to replenish. Grandmas and parents got her the bedding.

Baby shower gifts

We made a buffet style food and dessert tables. The favors were to fill bags we made at the candy table to take home all the candy they wanted. They loved this as the guests filled bags to proudly bring home to their kids. It was fun to get creative and include blue where we could.

Baby shower table
Food - baby shower

The elephants were the theme for the decor as well! This was a blast to put our brains together and fill the house with clever blue and elephant decor on the tables and walls

Decor - baby shower

We played a few games. The invitations (above) stated to bring a onesie that representd you! Stacy was to guess which guest bought which onesie. The guests handed us theirs as they arrived and we hung them all up on this display. My brother built the wood display last June for my Sister’s wedding to hold photos at the reception so it came in handy for the onesies. We played the Don’t say ‘Baby’ game and we also played the ‘Nursery Rhyme’ game. There were 22 statements about nursery rhymes and you had to guess the title of the nursery rhyme. I found it as a free printable game online.

The last game we did was guess Stacy’s size. This is the game where you allow guests to cut a string they feel closely matches my SIL waist line currently around her belly at 8 months pregnant. Winners from the games got a gift bag of bath items.

baby shower games

There you go! The day was a hit. Stacy loaded her car with diapers and gift cards and it was a blast! Can’t wait to meet my newest nephew, Elliott at the end of May!

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Erinn Sluka

Thank you. It was hard work for my Sis and I

Sherlane Fortunado

It looks like a well planned baby shower. I'vd never been to a baby shower before and it looks like everybody is having some fun. This makes me realize one thing,, I should go to a baby shower next time.

Cyndi @ MrsWrightWrites

I love the layout, and the games. And that food looks amazing! You two did a great job showing this shower.

Amy Andrychowicz

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lucero De La Tierra

I'm terrible about planning parties and picking themes. I love reading stuff like this. It makes me feel stupid, but gives me good ideas too.

Erinn Sluka

Themes make it so much easier to plan!

Dawn @ Pin-n-Tell

Super cute!! I always loved the cutesy elephants for a shower! I just hosted a shower myself, but the mom-to-be did not want a theme… boo! I love themes 🙂 Love the spread and the games…. looks like it was a fab event!

Erinn Sluka

Congratulations on a grandson! Boys are awesome!!

Kay Maher

Looks like you all had loads of fun! I have a new grandson coming in June! I can hardly wait!