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Award-Winning ZestTea Energy Review ad Giveaway and Savings

Award-Winning ZestTea Energy Review ad Giveaway and Savings

Energy, focus and health is what is rolled together in a can of ZestTea Energy. ZestTea has about 3x the caffeine of normal tea, or about as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Now you can get your energy in sparkling tea cans and also available in Zero Sugar. All of ZestTea’s blends are gluten free. There is a small amount of natural sugar in some of the the blend ingredients like the fruit pieces, but there is no added sugars!

These taste great and I love the packaging. The energy in one of these cans comes from 120mg of natural tea caffeine, the focus comes from 100mg L-Theanine so you don’t get the jitters or have a caffeine crash and the health comes from the zero-added sugars and the non-GMO certified ingredients.

For example, the ingredient list for my favorite flavor, Blood Orange Mango is: Carbonated Water, Organic, Green Tea, Natural Blood Orange Flavor, Natural Mango Flavor, Natural Flavors, Green Tea Extract, Citric Acid, L-Theanine, Stevia Leaf Extract, Non-GMO Certified.

ZestTea also has other caffeinated tea varieties such as tea bags, loose leaf and CBD-infused teas as well as accessories. You can also visit the ZestTea blog to learn so many great facts about tea, such as What is the Best Morning Tea for Energy. They were even named the Best New Product at the World Tea Expo May 2015 and they have been growing and adding more ever since.

ZestTea Energy Giveaway and Savings!

One lucky reader will win an assortment of ZestTea. Open to ages 18+ and in the US. This giveaway ends on August 5, 2021. Enter below.

Everyone saves! I have a great link to share so you save $10 on your ZestTea order. Just start by clicking my referral link (I get a little perk too if you order), but the savings for you is fantastic – a $10 credit! SAVE HERE!

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Thomas Gibson

Would like to try the blackberry lime flavored sparkling tea.

Penny Branson LeBaron

Sparkling teas look amazing. Have never tried one

Erin Ellis

The BlackBerry Lime caught my eye!

Sandra Watts

It looks like it could be good.

Tony Platz

The Blackberry Lime may be good .

Darlene Carbajal

Passionfruit sounds good!

Dawn Mielke

Would Like to try the ones with least sugar. Diabetic ya know. Ready made tea. Like.

Maryann D.

Earl Grey and Blue Lady sound like super tea bags to try. Any of the Sparkling tea also.

Amy Nick

The Blackberry Lime is my favorite

Jennifer H.

I would say Blackberry Lime sounds good to me.