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Avoid Frequent UTI and Fight Them with AZO

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It was many years ago, but I have experienced a UTI and it was not pleasant. If you have had one then you know hardly anything can bring comfort until you can get those antibiotics going. For me it was a weekend night and I had to pay a large co-pay to use ER to find an open doctor because waiting 36 hours until Monday morning was just too uncomfortable. I wondered why can we not have this available more easily for such common ailments for those like me that just need that relief. I remember buying an AZO pain relief because my Pharmacist recommended it and that helped a lot. Now AZO has stepped it up with the New AZO Urinary Tract Defense tablets.


The AZO Urinary Tract Defense actually helps control the active infection. it also contains a pain reliever for discomfort. Keep in mind that you still want to visit your Doctor. For my Saturday UTI, this would have been such a great option for me back them. I could have avoided that high ER visit copay and had the AZO Defense on board which would have worked until the weekdays began again and I could get in for the prescription strength antibiotic. The active ingredients are Methenamine and Sodium Salicylate. The Methenamine is a powerful antibacterial ingredient that works to slow down the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract and controls the UTI until you can be seen by your Dr. The Sodium Salicylate is the general pain relieving ingredient. You can find these online and in stores at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other retailers.


There are steps you can take to decrease the chances of getting a UTI. Besides a product like AZO Urinary Tract Defense helping you until you can be seen, the better alternative is to not get to the point of infection. Drink your water! Dehydration can surely be a contributing factor to bringing on a UTI. If you seem prone to UTI’s Cranberry is a great natural bacteria resistor. By consuming a cranberry supplement like those that AZO provides, you can keep that bacteria from clinging to your bladder wall. Another tip is to wipe from front to back when going to the bathroom. Also, do not hold your bladder. That is how we believe mine started. I worked long hours in a clinic at the hospital and I would sometimes not go all shift. When you need to go, take that break.

Clothing can also contribute to the risks of UTI. Avoid too much clingy, cotton and don’t allow yourself to hang out in wet clothing or bathing suits too long. Dry yourself completely out of the shower or pool before putting clothes on. Visit to learn more. While there, click on the product page to find coupons up to $2 off.

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I was just reading up on herbs and discovered that plantain and purslane have been used to treat UTI’s. They’re both mucilaginous plants, so they must have some compounds in common between the two of them. Do you know offhand if AZO contains any herbal extracts? I’m curious what makes it antibacterial.