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Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Heraclea everyday olive oils for sizzling, searing and drizzling

Not all olive oils are the same. The quality makes all the difference in taste and the finish of the food. The fruity, peppery oils are for drizzling on salads and desserts. The delicate, aged oils are best for searing and cooking with. Heraclea will transform what you know olive oil is to be if you are used to standard grocery store bottles.

Their olives are grown in ways that promote soil health, passing on their full benefits to you. These benefits include antioxidant effects, healthy fats for heart health and a healthy dose of vitamin E. Heraclea is an award-winning oil that has combined ancient olive cultivation methods with modern and sustainable production techniques. You will taste the difference.

With Father’s Day and summer cookouts approaching, this olive oil is available in a gift box to make it a great gift for cooks and grillers. I have come to truly appreciate different quality oils as a griller and Heraclea is a new favorite for finishing and searing! Visit Heraclea to order your Father’s Day gift today!


Transform your skin from the inside out with Auro Skincare

Transform your skin from the inside out with Auro Skincare

With summer coming, it is time to help our skin get through another season change. Now we bring sun after the cold and what our skin needs most is a master antioxidant. Auro Skincare works to transform your skin from the inside out.

The antioxidant system delivered by Auro uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and patented technology (Auro GSH™ Antioxidant Delivery System). It takes just 30 days or so to see results and they guarantee with your money back.

Glutathione! Glutathione is an antioxidant your own body produces to help with environmental stress on the skin and aging – it is the oxidation that tires our skin and this antioxidant combats that. There are 4 products in the lone that all deliver this master antioxidant well below the superficial layers of skin.

  1. CITRINE VITAMIN C RADIANCE COMPLEX – Brighten and support skin’s natural collagen production with 25% Vitamin C.
  2. RISE + REVIVE DAYTIME ENERGIZING CREAM – Awaken and hydrate skin with Coenzyme Q10, Carnosine and DMAE.
  3. G ANTIOXIDANT REVITALIZATION SERUM – Transform and strengthen skin with high-potency Glutathione.
  4. RESET + REPAIR OVERNIGHT REGENERATING CREAM – Smooth and firm skin with adaptogens and Resveratrol.

Visit the Auro shop today and get your skin summer ready!

Earth Friendly

Tru Earth cleaning products are pre-measured with plastic-free packaging

Tru Earth cleaning products are pre-measured with plastic-free packaging

In a world of so much waste and chemical exposure in food and household products, I try hard to make responsible decisions in the brands I bring into my home. Making eco-friendly choices can sometimes feel expensive and overwhelming. Then I discovered Tru Earth and they pre-measure their cleaning products and these are very affordable per use!

Whether you need to clean the toilet, do a load of laundry or use an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner, you simple grab a strip and clean! No large plastic jugs to create waste, no harsh chemicals, no measuring, no harmful residue around your home – just true clean! This 100% recyclable packaging of laundry detergent costs under $23 and gives you 32 loads! That is under $1 a load for clean ingredients and less waste. It is a win-win for the home, your wallet and the environment.

I am so grateful for brands that create responsible products and can offer them at affordable prices so I can continue to use products that are safe for my family and pets. Find great deals at Tru Earth for the cleaning products that have no waste left behind as you spring clean this season!

Natural Foods has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go

Three generations ago, this brand was born to bring fresh-roasted nuts to consumers. Today, they still roast the nuts and pop their corn on the same day it ships. This is why is where I order my snacks for home and the office.

One of my favorite orders to make is from their single-serve packs. It is so easy to toss them in my lunch and grab up the right serving size every time. I first discovered the brand on a flight to Los Angeles. We were given plane snacks and got a single serve pack of salted cashews. They were delicious and I looked to see what they were flavored with and they were simply, salted. The taste was so fresh and I looked at the stamp and saw I immediately started browsing their website that night at our hotel and found myself ordering a few packages.

The CB& J is a new favorite of mine! Whether I need a snack on the go or an afternoon treat- the sweet and salty mix is so delicious. Find nuts, dried fruit, superfood powders and sweets to have on hand. The big bags are sharable or great for snack dishes and charcuteries when guests come over. The single-serve come with just the right snack portions. Visit and order today. They run specials all the time, so I am always ordering with great deals.