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Happy Grub Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix is a Meal Timesaver

My husband is out of town and the past week has been so hectic with back to school week and I was down with a virus and vertigo. I managed to push through it and when it came to dinner, I was exhausted at the end of my days. My son always loves breakfast for dinner, so once I remembered that I had a Happy Grub in the pantry, dinner was so easy. Happy Grub has squeezable instant pancake mixes that are a huge timesaver for meals.

Happy Grub Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix is a Meal Timesaver

Not only do you save time by just adding water, shake and squeeze, the mess is much less! I like making my own pancake mix or using natural brands and I have a mess when mixing the wet ingredients and dry ingredients and dishes/spoons that need cleaning and that is before the pancakes hit the plate! Happy Grub is made of natural and organic ingredients. Each flavor starts with an organic buttermilk base, organic unbleached flour and organic whole egg-that simple! If you have a teen like I do…add some flavor swirls, such as melted sugar-free chocolate…

Choose from 4 Happy Grub pancake (and waffle) flavors – Buttermilk, Banana, Whole Wheat and Apple Cinnamon. Yes, you can make waffles too! Each 8.5oz bottle makes 20 (3 in.) pancakes. They are sold on their site in 2-packs that you can mix or match in flavors.

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NACON RIG 600 PRO Series Dual Wireless Gaming Headsets

NACON RIG 600 PRO Series Dual Wireless Gaming Headsets

New from NANCO’s RIG line are the 600 PRO HS and HX dual gaming headsets. I brought these to my gaming teen who became very excited for these headphones. There are several features gaming and video users will love. Let’s explore the top features of these gaming headsets:

  • Dual-mode wireless with 2.4GHz USB-C adapter and Bluetooth 5.1 -lets you switch seamlessly to answer phone calls and receive notifications.
  • High-quality game audio from bass-boosted 40mm high-sensitivity drivers and a tuned chamber acoustics for balanced audio.
  • Mic discretely folds into the earcup when on the go.
  • All-day comfort via light weight ear cups wrapped in breathable fabric and plush-cushioned headband.
  • 600 PRO Navigator app available for advanced customization.
  • HS is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and mobile devices
  • HX is compatible with Xbox,PlayStation™, Nintendo Switch™and PC
  • Up to 24-hour Bluetooth battery life.
  • Up to 18-hour 2.4GHz battery life.
  • Recharge via USB-C port (cable included).

What I notice as ‘Mom’ is how lightweight and comfortable these headphones are. If you game and wear headphones for long periods of time, I can see how the RIG 600 PRO series will be a top comfort choice. The dual feature allows you to take calls and do your business while staying in your game. I found that when you flip the mic up into the ear cup, you can have private conversations in your room and the sound is not transferred into the mic- sort of like a quick mute.

Learn more at and elevate your gaming sound and productivity with better comfort and app-controlled audio with the Playstaion or XBox gaming headsets. Available on Amazon – PRO HS & PRO HX.


My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

 My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

Every morning as I head out to work, I make my morning smoothie to take with me. I have come to love having a smoothie for breakfast because I control what nutrients to add. I always have spinach on hand for healthy greens, avocado for fats so I stay fuller longer and snack less, flax seed for fiber and berries/fruit. I then add in protein powder and collagen powder. I am using the Collagen Peptides powder from Native Path. I read a lot of reviews on supplements and the Native Path has so many positive reviews on their products so I feel I can trust the brand.

I have tried some collagen liquids and pills that actually upset my stomach unless I take it after a meal. I can simply add a scoop or 2 of the Native Path Collagen Peptides with zero side effects. Collagen is such an important protein in our bodies and as I am in my mid-40’s, I need a boost of it. You get 10g of collagen per scoop from this jar.

Collagen supports bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, digestion and more! There are over 25 different types of collagen and Native Path includes Type I and III which, together, makes up 90% of the collagen our bodies naturally produce. I also love that it is certified grass fed protein from pasture-raised cows.

As the name suggests, you won’t find added chemicals but ingredients from nature. I use the unflavored, but you can choose from a variety of flavors. Native Path also has other supplements your body needs with natural ingredients you can trust. Visit Native Path today!

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Stay Fortified This Fall Season | Enter to win Superior Source Vitamins

Stay Fortified This Fall Season | Enter to  win Superior Source Vitamins

As we head into fall, it is time to wind down from the summer binges and vacations and think about getting our bodies back on track with healthy choices and supplemental help where needed. If you have visited a health store or even a retailer’s vitamin wall, the choices in supplements can seem overwhelming. If you think about exactly what supplements your Doctor has recommended and you consider your lifestyle and dietary needs, you can begin to find the right choice for you.

There is an 80-something year old, Ron Beckenfeld, the owner of Superior Source Vitamins who also wanted clean supplements and (for his ailing Father) were easy to swallow and so he created his line of over 70 vitamins and supplements that are clean and pure and his line has NO pills to swallow or water needed. They dissolve quickly and you don’t lose potency.

Superior Source Vitamins contain NO chemicals, preservatives, fillers or artificial colors. These tiny fast dissolve tablets offer quick absorption. These are perfect with adults who have a hard time (or hate) swallowing large pills. They even have a kids line because we all know how kids hate swallowing pills! Also, the Beet Root Apple Cider Vingear dissolve tablets, actually taste good! That’s a plus for me when taking ACV!

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Superior Source Vitamins is allowing me to giveaway a Vitamin Bundle. Enter to win $75 in Superior Source Vitamins—Zinc, B12/B6 ,D3 ,C , Beet Root Melts (as pictured in the graphic). Must be 18+ and a US address. Open to all US entrants who have not won Superior Vitamins in the past 12 months. Enter below and good luck!