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Aureus Shoes Makes a Dapper Dad this Summer

I was sent sample for feature

As women, we buy shoes based on comfort and style. We not only love the look for them but we want to be comfortable as we wear them. Dad can tend to be more casual and when Dad gets casual, he tends to turn to soft loafers and athletic shoes. Perhaps Dad wants to feel a little Dapper and trying to find a shoe that looks great with any man’s look and also has comfort can be hard to find. So, I put my husband who is very picky in clothes and shoes to the Aureus challenge.


He has the Men’s Aureus Clasico shoe in navy blue/khaki. Right away they arrived with a shoe horn in each shoe so they were in perfect shape. They include a card with proper cleaning instructions so there is no guessing how to best keep these clean. They include the AM-TECH Sole Technology that puts the comfort in Aureus shoes with a unique sole construction in the insole, midsole and outsole. The elements in the sole construction brings durability, cushioning and are lightweight for comfort on feet as well as legs.
The shoe is a 100% genuine smooth leather lining with mesh fabric backing. The inner cushion is removable and the laces are even innovative as they bring a unique look to the shoes as well as out perform traditional laces.
The comfort? When my husband likes a shoe it must be good. I never buy shoes for him because of how picky he is. He loves these and I can say he was a bit skeptical because he typically does not find comfort in such leather shoes, but having these sent and promising me he would wear them all day, he fell in love with the comfort. He gave me 2 thumbs up-that’s saying a lot, trust me. For Father’s Day or to give Dad comfort when he needs a classy shoe this summer for events, Aureus shoes should have a style dad loves. Visit
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