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Attitude natural pet products that are 100% safe

natural pet products that are 100% safe

Our pets get into enough stuff they shouldn’t! To use products with added harsh ingredients is not the best choice we can make for them. We can do better. Choosing a brand that focuses on safe ingredients and gives back with every product made is easy with Attitude. This is a Canadian brand and they have a passion for clean products, less plastic and more trees! I am using some of their pet care products with our dogs.

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The Attitude Furry Friends natural pet care line includes shampoos, conditioners, grooming wipes, air purifier, odor absorber, detangle spray as well as safe floor and surface cleaners. These products are carefully formulated for your pet and will leave you feeling safer about what is on their coats and the surfaces they lay around. Their pet grooming products are certified by PETA: Cruelty-free and vegan.

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These shampoos leave our dogs smelling great and their coats are so soft. Maya and Leah are poodle and wheaten terrier mix (Whoodle’s) and so they can tangle a bit on their ears and tails between groomer visits. Quality natural pet products is the difference between content dogs and one’s that get mad at me for combing mattes from their fur.

Visit Attitude to find natural products for humans too, as well as household products. You can also visit their Amazon store!

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Dana Rodriguez

These sound like great products. I love that they are natural.