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Anam Caras Inspiring Art Prints for Personalized Wall Decor

Anam Caras Inspiring Art Prints for Personalized Wall Deco

These are Anam Caras prints. Anam is the ancient Gaelic word for soul, and Cara is Friend. An Anam Cara is a friend to your soul, a magical spirit who will guide you and protect you. These are how they describe their unique prints to hang for your children in the home.

There are 4 collections to choose form. This print I have is from the Anamabet Collection. The torn edges of quality, paper portray the celtic spirits in watercolor for the letter of choice. This collection has a standard or Baby/Child design (customizable). I have the standard and the E is for Etar. In old Latin, his name means “between,” as in “between two worlds: our world and his otherworld, the Land of Soul.”  He’s an Anam Cara, a guardian spirit on a mission to bring about peace through inner peace.

The other 3 collections are the Bespoke Blessings Collection that include a prewritten or made-to-order messages. Name & Words Collection where letters come together to spell names or words and include a magical  bespoke blessing from the Anam Caras. Storybook Collection Fine Art Print of Peri (on piano) and Noem (on the cello) is beautifully printed on archival watercolor paper.

Shop Anam Caras prints all year round for gifts or room renovations. 2021 is a great time to upgrade space and reward your home with quality decor.

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