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All Natural Migraine Support – Migrastil Stick

About 1 1/2 years ago I was introduced to my first migraine. I remember that before I had that migraine I would tell people I have had a migraine before. I will get cluster headaches from time to time and sometimes those headaches are real bad that I thought the bad ones were a migraine…until I had a real migraine. Now I know what one actually feels like and I started having them every few weeks.

I went in to the Doctors which with my good health I really ever go in for yearly physicals and after blood tests and hormone tests the only thing off was my BP. My Blood Pressure was 151/110!! I could have been walking around that high for months as my last Doctor visit was 8 months prior. We did blood work anyway to make sure there wasn’t anything else and all was normal so I am blessed with my Grandmother’s and Father’s high BP genes and an explanation for getting headaches and migraines. Now that I manage my BP I have not had but a minor headache maybe once a month if that.

When you have a migraine you know that there is nothing worse in that moment. All you desire to do is crawl up in a dark and quiet place and try to sleep despite the pounding head. Add in some nausea and neck stiffness and you will do anything for relief.

The Migraine Stick from Migrastil is the natural migraine support you need when you feel a migraine coming on. Simply apply to temples and neck (avoid the eyes) and in about 5-10 minutes when you feel that cold, tingly feeling you know it is working away. I read the reviews on the product in multiple sources and they sound fantastic!

This is such a great addition to your migraine relief remedies and it is so easy to take on-the-go and start supporting the migraine relief no matter where you are. It contains only 4 plant-based ingredients: peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, spearmint essential oil and Fractioned Coconut Oil (helps this stick to be less greasy when applied). Visit Migrastil to learn more.

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