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All-Natural Hot Chocolate from your Keurig

This is a promotional post for Black Bear Market. I was sent product. Opinions are my on.

All-Natural Hot Chocolate from your Keurig
If you follow my healthy living posts, then you have heard me mention more than once that the most important education you can go online and teach yourself is how to read a food label! You cannot rely on the wording from most brands claiming it is healthy. It can be labeled a good source of ‘something’ but it may have other chemicals or additives along with it. How would you know if a label looks foreign to you? Start by grabbing a box of major branded hot chocolate K-cup varieties. There will always be a ‘nutritious claim’ like made with whole milk or premium ingredients, but then you turn the box around and the ingredient list starts with corn syrup, then sugar and artificial ingredients (and it will typically say ‘Artificial…’). Not a REAL cup of cocoa now is it? Now take a look at this new brand I am a fan of and feed my boys-Black Bear Market’s Premium All-Natural Hot Chocolate.


When you view the ingredient list on the box of Black Bear Market All-Natural Hot Chocolate, you see Pure cane sugar, nonfat dry milk, whey and natural flavors. Now that is a real cup of cocoa. It really is important not to take a brand or the claims on a package front as the whole picture of what you are consuming is really be made of. Now you can get real cocoa and right from your Keurig (not available for Keurig Vue or 2.0). It tastes delicious and my son loves it. It has such a great chocolate flavor.
You can easily get the cocoa delivered to your door from Amazon! To learn more, visit

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