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Airthings Wave Plus indoor air quality smart monitor with Radon detection

Airthings Wave Plus indoor air quality smart monitor with Radon detection

Airthings Wave Plus indoor air quality smart monitor with Radon detection

Do you know the best time to open your window in a particular room to air things out? What about when to close the window and keep harmful air quality outside rather than entering your home? Airthings has a customizable and easy dashboard to help you monitor your indoor air quality.

With Airthings indoor air quality monitors you can put more than 1 in different rooms and view them all on one screen in your Airthings dashboard on your computer or device. Below, the user has 2 Airthings monitors in different locations – the lab and meeting room. On one page he can view both rooms.

What is Radon?

Who needs an Airthings Wave Plus?

Airthings is branded for families, employers and building managers. The air indoors can be up to 10 times more harmful than the air outside! It is hard to stay on top of your indoor air quality without a proper monitor and the Wave Plus has been fantastic as I use it to monitor the large game room upstairs on the far end of our home.

Our game room is always the hottest and stuffiest room and our home is less than a year old! Even new homes can have a room that just doesn’t fair well with air quality. It can be due to the location on the room. It can be due to the furnace and A/C routing and set up. The Airthings Wave Plus is for everyone!

My indoor air quality results with Airthings Wave Plus

When you first connect your Airthings monitor which is so flawless and takes seconds, you get some information that states it is scanning for a full 7 days to get the accurate results. This means you want to give the monitor 7 days in its new location before you are certain the readings are accurate for that space.

Above it states my TVOC (Total volatile organic compounds) is in the orange but the website says it has a settling time of 7 days and this is day 5, so I am not concerned yet. Also the humidity is going from normal to orange but again the monitor has been in that room only 5 days, but I would not be surprised if I always get temp and humidity alerts once all settles down.

With my Airthings Wave Plus, I get full visibility into 6 sensors including the 3 most serious indoor air pollutants, as well as detailed views of temperature, air pressure, humidity and additional sensors for advanced analytics options.

Notice above on my app screenshot that there is a grey arrow on the side to indicate I can swipe to a different page and that goes to the Radon sensor so you can get the Radon stats by day, week, month or year. Then you can share all stats. This is a great peace of mind to send to tenants or employees who work or live in your space you are monitoring.

Visit Airthings to find the right monitor for your space or home and while there you can visit their blog for helpful articles.

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sarh s

This would be amazing to have! My 8 yr old has asthma and I think this would be really helpful.


i think i could really use this in my house,its old and not sure of the quality of the air


i live in a older home and i think that i need something like this

Dorothy Boucher

I really think that every home or apartment should have one of these, not only for your safety but for others.

Amy Drazen

My husband is obsessed with air quality. We constantly test for mold, as we live in Florida and he is always getting the air ducts professionally clean. He would really love this system. I think I may get it for him for his birthday.

Jodi Hunter

I would love to have one of these.

sarah conaway

We need to upgrade ours.