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Airplane Travel Kit with 5-hour ENERGY® Shots & a Giveaway #ThisIsMySecret

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#ThisIsMySecret as we travel by plane
We travel a lot and whether we have the kids or it is just the 2 of us escaping to our Las Vegas jaunts, I never leave for a trip without one important item! 5-hour ENERGY® Shots have become our celebratory vacation starter for years! I never leave without it. It started about 8 years ago on a getaway to Las Vegas with just the 2 of us. It was my first Vegas trip ever and we decided we wanted to start celebrating as soon as got on the plane. We knew there was a liquid limit, so we packed fun napkins, beef jerky and wanted to do a celebratory toast once we got on the plane. We had no beverage and that drink cart was over 20 rows away. “Wait”, I said. Back at the airport before our flight boarded, I went to go buy some gum and a magazine and saw 5-hour ENERGY® Shots at the check out and thought we cold use these as we were getting in late and would not want to sleep anytime soon. I pulled the 2-pack out of my bag and we had an energy toast with our 5-hour ENERGY® Shots. The next jaunt was a year later and as a joke, I waited until we were mid-air and with a sneaky grin, reached in my bag and pulled out 2 5-hour Energy® shots. My husband laughed as we drank them and reminisced and from there on out we never forget to fly without them.
However, the times we do travel with the kids, I come even more prepared and I still include our celebratory 5-hour ENERGY® Shots. I think we are more in need of them when the kids are with us anyhow! I have a kit I keep so I can grab as I pack for flight vacations. It is kept in my hall closet and is a mesh bag so easy to scoop up and holds a lot.
Airplane Travel Kit
Here is what I keep in my kit
  • Stomach relief for us & the kids
  • Coloring books/twistable crayons (they don’t break and stain items)
  • Gum/Extra small snacks
  • The tablet
  • Headphones
  • Reading Glasses
  • Wipes

Why 5-hour ENERGY® Shots over other supplements?

I came to include 5-hour ENERGY® Shots as a regular supplement while traveling or on the go because of the size and nutritional differences compared to cans of energy sodas. The 2oz size makes it plane-ride compliant. The size also means you consume less calories than if you were to get your energy from a 8+oz can. 
5-hour ENERGY® Shots are more than just 2oz of energy. They are a dietary supplement giving you the nutrients you need like a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients to keep you going when you are not ready to give in to exhaustion. There are zero carbs, zero sugar and no herbal stimulants. With only 4 calories a bottle, that trumps larger cans of energy drinks by far on the calorie count! The amount of caffeine you get is comparable to a standard cup of coffee. 

Just about every Walgreen’s trip I make, I scoop up the 5-hour ENERGY® Shots 2-packs to have on hand. They are great to keep in the car or in the travel bags. Walgreen’s has great prices and incentives using the Balance Rewards card so I try to stop there often for my needs. If you are skeptical about the whole energy drink craze and health concerns, consider 5-hour ENERGY® Shots for your pick-me-up needs. It is safe and no added ingredients your body will hate you for later! 
Learn more by visiting the 5-hour ENERGY® Shots website
5-hour ENERGY® Shots on Facebook
5-hour ENERGY® Shots on Twitter @5hourenergy
The Giveaway
2 winners will win a 6 month supply of 5-hour ENERGY® Shots. 
No Purchase Necessary. The How Do You Use 5-Hour ENERGY® Products To Keep Up With Your Busy Summer Days Sweepstakes begins on 6/15/14 at 12:00 A.M. ET and ends on 7/31/14 at 11:59:59 PM ET. Legal residents of the 50 US/DC only. Void where prohibited. By participating you agree to the Official Rules.

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
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