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‘After Death’ A Must See Movie! In theaters today

‘After Death’ – A Must See Movie! – In theaters today

In theaters today! After Death looks into the theories of what happens to us after we die. This buring question is explored by New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors including Don Piper (90 Minutes In Heaven), Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and Back), John Burke (Imagine Heaven), Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence of the Afterlife), and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life).

Synopsis: After Death is a gripping feature film that explores what happens after we die, based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors. From the New York Times bestselling authors who brought you titles like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Imagine Heaven, and To Heaven and Back, emerges a cinematic peek beyond the veil that examines the spiritual and scientific dimensions of mortality, inviting us to wonder: Is there life after death?

While learning more about this film and deciding to go see it yourself, you can Pay it Forward to After Death to cover the cost of a movie ticket for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see it. I feel like this is such a great film to watch if you have or are losing someone to end of life – or perhaps it is not the end for them. This will leave you hopeful about life after death.

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