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A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

7 Adults ages 21-26 go back to High School! Why? Because times have changed, social media is a massive new presence and it takes stepping in undercover to get into their world as High Schoolers today. The location used is Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas. Only very few select staff and community members are aware of these undercover adults spending a semester in the High School. In fact, the undercover adults are not even aware they are 1 in 7!

A&E took a huge step with Undercover High into attempting to understand the world our teens live in about 180 days a year. With cell phones in hand almost at all times, with disrespect flowing like lava from an active volcano these 7 adults will try to blend in and make friends, join clubs and really get try to engage with the students as a peer. Even in the very first episode it is shocking what one social media chat discovers for one of the female undercover adults. Right away, one conversation among many young men involve some serious discussions with school adults.

You won’t want to miss it! Can you even imagine life today as a High Schooler? I can’t and even after watching the series myself ahead of you, it is still hard to believe what our youth endure everyday at school. Maybe this will bring some change and discussions. All the things students DON’T tell adults will become exposed. That could bring some amazing changes.

Parents! Watch This! January 9, 2018 with your tween and teen.

I am excited to see how this docuseries can perhaps bring awareness, care and change to our schools struggling to keep up with today’s world and the social media that highly influences it, for the good and bad.

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robin rue

I’ve seen commercials for this and it sounds like a very interesting series. Especially since my son starts high school next year.


This looks very interesting! I know things have changed a lot since I was in high school.


Oo now this sounds intriguing. I think I will tune in. I am curious. I have a son in high school and a daughter going into middle school next year.

Ana De-Jesus

I think Undercover high will really help to shed some light on the issues that young teens face whether that be through bullying or social media chats. I will be interested in seeing the parents reactions that is for sure.


I’m excited to see what impact this show will bring to the youth and their surroundings. I’ll watch out for it in the new year!

Wanda Lopez

I didn’t know about this. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Oooo…I’d love to watch this series! I think this docuseries will shine a light on what’s actually going on inside our nation’s high schools. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully it will spur a national conversation as well as those that happen at the dinner table.


This looks so interesting to see what they find. So much goes on that we don’t know about. Hopefully it gets people taking.

Corinne and Kirsty

I had never heard of the show before reading this post! Sounds quite funny and a rather good idea!

Nazrin Miah

I love docu series like these!!!1 I am definitely going to have to tune into this especially since my younger brother is now in high school! I would love to see what this generation of kids get up to!



I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since I saw the previews! It looks really interesting.

Ruth I.

I was actually thinking about this the other day! School now is completely different than when we were kids, that’s for sure!

Fatima Torres (@TimaDTorres)

I’ve seen commercials for this — and the people undercover really look like students! It’s amazing to hear what kids go through these days.


Oh wow I actually want to watch this. It seems like such a good project. Love that the other adults don’t know about the other 6 adults posing as kids.


This looks like something that would be so interesting to watch. I am definitely going to have to tune in.