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Adora Chocolate Calcium Supplements

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Getting healthy can seem like a daunting task. I think that is because there is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming. But, I have learned that to get healthy means just making 2 or 3 small changes. Once you get those down, add another change and before you know it you become healthier along the way and it hardly seemed like a huge task. I started thinking for myself. National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is September 28 so this is a great time to make some changes. Here are some small changes I can make today and stick with.
Take Supplements
Perhaps you eat healthy as it is and don’t feel you lack nutrients or maybe you need supplements but never remember to take them. For the most part we all need some supplement even if we eat healthy enough. You may lack Vitamin D or C or may need joint support or immune support so it is safe to say that perhaps adding a supplement can make a difference to your health. But, who likes swallowing pills? I don’t! I do love eating chocolate and Adora can give you that extra Calcium in chocolates that are delicious! These dark chocolate and milk chocolate discs taste like real chocolate and it may be hard to eat just one! The good thing is that you are not limited to just one because you can have up to 3 a day! End each meal with a treat that has a benefit from Adora Calcium Supplements!
Take a neighborhood nature walk with your children
Does the sound of putting on running shoes and heading out your door bore you or are you limited because you have kids at home? Take them with you and make it a mission! You will almost feel as good about your walk as you will about the experience you give your child. Pick a letter of the day and head outside to find things you see on your walk that start with that letter. You can collect them as you walk or come home and do some art about what you found. In the end-you just got outside for a healthy walk and so did the kids! For my son and I, Pokemon Go has been our motivation to walk a lot more.
Buy a fun, large water bottle
Because you need water! You hate water-so buy a fun bottle, fill it and drink it by the end of the day! Try an infuser bottle. You can pre-slice watermelon, lemons or cucumbers each week and store in the fridge to drop in the bottom of your diffuser bottle and you have water that is naturally flavored and tastes better to you. However you need to inspire yourself to drink more, do it today!
I think it is so great when brands understand some habits are hard to form without the right motivation. I promise you will want all of your vitamins to be as delicious as Adora! Find a retailer near you!
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