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Add some aroma to your Venta Airwasher and home

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for an honest review. 

Add some aroma to your Venta Airwasher and home
Early this summer I introduced you to the Venta Airwasher on this blog and how well it works to humidify and purify your home. The Venta Airwasher uses water in the unit to humidify any room in your home and then it also works on the upper unit to purify the air. Venta has now introduced the only Aromatherapy oils tested and approved for the Venta units! I was sent these to try in my unit and I also use them around my home in my diffusers as well!
I have seen articles and posts about using aromas and oils and have wanted to try a few around my home. I have tried some and what I find is it seems I pay a lot for a little. I know you use only a little bit at a time, but I still felt some prices were steep. The Venta Fragrances come in a great size of 1.7 fl. oz. bottles and you get 3 in a pack for under $20! That seems like a great value and then I am not left feeling I have to be reserved in how much I use around the house.
Venta Fragrances
  • Relaxing-A stimulating blend of cinnamon, cassia, carnation and grapefruit that helps you unwind after a long day.
  • Citrus Garden-An invigorating and refreshing fragrance made from fresh orange zest.
  • Eucalyptus-A comforting blend of eucalyptus, peppermint & tea plant oils that’s soothing during the cold & flu season.
  • Winter Dream-Let the fragrance of cinnamon warm you on cold winter nights.
  • Vanilla-A blend of vanilla & citrus that makes any place smell like home.
  • Refreshing-An invigorating & stimulating citrus blend made from real fruit zest.
You do not HAVE to own a Venta Airwasher to enjoy these Aromatherapy packs. The Venta oils are made with 100% natural, essential oils. I am using the citrus as I type this post and love the aroma in my living room right now. 
Free pack of Aromatherapy oils with your purchase of any Venta Airwasher unit
The allergy season is coming and fall is a great time to introduce humidifiers and purifiers to your home! The Venta Airwasher does it all in one unit. Choose a size that fits the room!
To get your free oils, just head to and find the unit best for your home, then order by phone with Venta at 888-333-8218 and mention Parenting Healthy and you get a free pack of Aromatherapy oils! 
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