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AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator for better foot and leg health

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AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator for better foot and leg health


Unless you have experienced lymphatic edema or poor blood circulation in your extremities, you have no idea the discomfort it brings. I have never experienced these issues myself, but with my years working in Cardiology I have heard of the discomfort and seen the suffrage over and over of patients with lower extremity conditions. Even if you are a high heel wearer and you deal with foot pain, it is not pleasant. No massage by hand can come close to relieving the pain and pressure. If you know someone who suffers from foot and even leg pain whether it be the results of diabetes, LE or vascular issues the comfort can finally come from the AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator offering prescription strength relief at home.

If you have have seen a specialist in the vascular or pain clinics, perhaps you have seen these foot circulators. Carex Health Brands now offers these for home use at the strength needed to bring relief. Chances are that everyone reading this knows someone who can use one. Trust me when I say that their discomfort is effecting their daily life and this AccuRelief™ Foot Circulator will change that for the better for them.

About the AccuRelief™ Foot Circulator by Carex Health Brands

  • Natural, drug-free pain reliever
  • Portable advanced electrical foot stimulator
  • Prescription-strength relief
  • Relaxes stiff muscles, Increases blood circulation and Reduces swollen feet/ankles
  • 3-Channel electrical stimulator with electrical pads to place on feet and body
  • Remote control for easy control
  • 15 preset programs
Stay home and get the relief you need sitting in your own living room or office. Gift a loved one this daily life-changing foot circulator and allow them the comfort they deserve.
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