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About Alkaline Water and an Alkaline88 Water Bundle Giveaway

Perhaps you have heard of Alkaline water or have seen this on your local grocers shelves. There are great health benefits to choosing an alkaline water over average bottled water, but if you still have questions such as ‘Why?” or “What about additives?” then hopefully I can answer some of those questions featuring Alkaline88 brand water. There is no doubt you will view the water bottle section at your grocer a tad differently the next time you are there.

Why 8.8 pH? 

In recent findings, the magic 8.8 pH in water is what needs to be reached in order to destroy pepsin-a stomach enzyme. When pepsin is activated by acid it causes painful reflux symptoms that could ultimately lead to cancer. According to findings from Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology,

July 2012, it took a pH of 8.8 in alkaline water to inactivate human pepsin in studies. You will not get that with ordinary bottled water.

What about additives?

In Alkaline88 Water you will not find any calories, added sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. It is all in the manufacturing process with natural changes. They use a high quality Electronically Activated Water system without the use of chemicals to achieve the 8.8 pH. The specialized electronic cells in the system are coated with a variety of rare earth minerals. They further incorporate 84 trace Himalayan minerals making this brand unique to any other. These minerals help in various ways such as with immunity and a natural energy boost.

Many factors can cause the body to go off balance from stress to diet and health issues. It is important to maintain that balance and alkaline water is a popular trend in making sure your body as at an alkaline state as opposed to an acidic state. This is important for digestion, immunity, circulation, metabolism, hormone production and more.

Learn more including where to find Alkaline88 Water at –>

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win the family assortment of Alkaline88 Water in several sizes (ARV $25). Enter below. Open to US only and ends on 5/9. Good luck!

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