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A Keto-Friendly Snack without the Guilt: Tidbits Meringue Cookie

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A Keto-Friendly Snack without the Guilt: Tidbits Meringue Cookie

KETO! Maybe the word means tedious diet to you. Maybe KETO means a ‘fad’ to you. If you are like me, KETO means learning to read a label and that you do not have to strictly follow a diet regimen but rather eat less carbs. To eat less net carbs you must truly understand food and the ingredients in everything you eat. Sounds tedious? It can actually be more simple than you think. Let me help you out with a keto-friendly snack option when you crave something sweet – Tidbits Meringues!

Tidbits meringue bites are sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free, and non-GM — everything you’ve ever wanted in a snack without the guilt. Diabteic? These may be for you too.

The sweetness in this keto-friendly snack comes from alcohol sugar, which is a good natural substitute.

What is in these keto-friendly snacks that are so satisfying? Less than 2 calories per piece, 0 net carbs per serving and a serving is 10 pieces! It’s more about what is NOT in these than what is in them.

But, how good can these keto-friendly snack bites really taste? Ever had a decedent meringue cookie before? The kind of meringue that melts away in your mouth like a cloud? These are exactly that!! It sounds impossible that without all the goodies and sugars it can’t possibly be the same, but the tween in my home thinks they are dessert and that is a win! They are that good and the flavors are amazing – cookies & cream, cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate and strawberry.

What about price you are wondering? They must be some $10 keto-friendly snack right? Wrong! They are $4.99 a bag (plus a flat shipping rate). I will be so excited for the day grocers may pick these up and maybe they can become available just down the road, but until then (maybe, fingers crossed) you need to head to

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