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90 Minutes in Heaven Movie edition Book Giveaway

This is a promotional post. I was given access to book for review

90 Minutes in Heaven Movie edition Book Giveaway
Book & Movie Release
Book: New Movie edition
Movie: 9/11/2015
It is one of those thoughts that come to all of our minds at one point in life-would I want to be let go in death or held on Earth if ever I was injured in a debilitating way? What if you had just a glimpse of what waited for you after life and then was brought back to the physical world injured and immobile with your family after an accident? Would you want to be present with your family at all measures? I think I would as long as I was coherent. I can deal with not moving and physical limits, but as long as I can be here with minimal burden on my loved ones I know they’d want me here rather than not. Don Piper was in this limbo and brought back to the physical world. At first there was disappointment he was brought back with extensive injury and pain, but time reminded him of his importance to remain. God was not finished with him here on earth.
90 Seconds in Heaven is a true story about Don Piper’s experience. He went from driving back to his family after being away on a conference trip to laying lifeless inside the ruins of his car that hit a semi. He lay dead under a tarp for over an hour before prayer and faith brought him back to life.  It takes the love of his wife and 3 children as well as church family to help him through the pains and struggles of adapting to his new ever-healing life that will never be the same as it was. His struggle to hold faith was real and the book and soon, the movie, will take you on a spiritual journey.
Book Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a paperback copy of 90 Minutes in Heaven: Movie Edition. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 9/16. Good luck.

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