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8 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

8 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids
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All of us love getting sunshine and fresh air but with the current pandemic, we are all stuck inside. There is no certainty about when we can return to normalcy and step out into the park with kids in tow. Even if you have the best trampoline for kids in your garden, the cold winds and chilly weather may not permit you to spend a lot of time outdoors. That’s why it is a good idea to have a few indoor activities for kids ready. Whether your kids love playing in the backyard or prefer to spend time in their rooms, here is a complete list of all the indoor activities you can engage your child in. 

  1.  DIY your masterpieces

Get your hands on the glue, markers, papers, and paint. Include all the other ends and odds you have in the house and let the kids enjoy themselves. Let them go all out and DIY whatever they feel like. Take their work of art and hang them from string or display it on the shelves. Let them do this every week and you can host your pop-up art gallery.

2.    Board games

It remains one of the oldest ideas on the block but if you want some screen-free time with the family, get the traditional board games out and let them do the trick. Kids and adults both love board games and there is nothing like getting into the competitive spirit with your favourite people. Get the games out and have a fun evening with your kids.

3.   Bake 

Baking is a new fad and indoor time is best spent getting creative while cooking sweets. Learn to bake from YouTube videos and let your kids add unique dimensions to it. Have a make-your-own dessert space in the kitchen by setting out different toppings your kids can add to their cookies, ice cream or a cupcake. It will become a favourite indoor activity of your kids in no time!

4.   Bring the outdoors in

Enjoy making forts from pillows and blankets or make a pop-up tent. Get the complete camping experience indoors without having to deal with the mud or mosquitoes. If you have enough space in the garden or backyard, you can create a fun, exciting play area for the little ones whenever the weather permits. 

5.   Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles never get boring and they are great because everyone can do them whenever they want to. Just leave one on the table and the family could float by and try to fit in some pieces. It is a perfect family game and will easily involve everyone in the home. It helps improve collaboration and cooperation skills. 

6.  Science Experiment

There are a ton of home science experiments that you can do with your children. It only needs a little setup and preparation and can be done with items that you can just grab around from the house. If you simply sit a cloud of shaving cream on a jar of water and add drops of blue water one by one, you will get blue rain and the water cycle in the jar. There are many such experiments you can do with your kids. You can search for them on YouTube or invest in DIY kits that are educational and explain the process step-by-step. 

7.  Plan a treasure hunt 

Plan a scavenger hunt with your kids and make a list of items that they have to find across the house. You need to put different clues that will lead to the prize at the end. There are many customisable cards you will find online. You simply need to print them and fill in the details. A treasure hunt is a fun activity and should be planned often, especially when there are many kids in the house. 

8.  Makeovers

Get your hands on the old makeup kit, and take out the hairbrushes and nail paints. Experiment with a new style and if you are really up for a fun makeover, just take a page from the internet and do the same style. There is so much you can do in a makeover and if there are girls in the house, you will not realise how much time has passed. Giving each other makeovers is a fun family activity and your girls will certainly love it. 

Keep these top eight fun indoor activities in mind whenever you want to kill time. Children get bored easily and if you want to ensure that they stay away from the screen, you need to keep them entertained in the house and these activities will do that for you. Some activities can be great fun for parents if you are willing to join in.

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