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7 Secrets To Finding An Epic Costume at Goodwill Stores

7 Secrets To Finding An Epic Costume at Goodwill Stores

My local Goodwill region (Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region) has 2 gals they call, Costume Experts. Having Whitney and Morena locally means we get great tips, talent displays and DIY ideas. Creating a costume that is unique makes Halloween so fun (or you can be a Baby Shark Mom with like else).

Whitney and Morena have put together some tips to finding a Costume that will stand out and I wanted to share a few of them with you below.

Use Your Smart Phone. Technology today allows us to merge what we scan on our phones to what we see in stores. Searching ideas on your phone and using images to know what items you need makes the outfit complete. Want to be ‘Grandpa”, search some photos and head to the men’s section of Goodwill.

Plan ahead. When you start now you can visit several stores in your area to piece the perfect items together. Having an 80’s family costume this year? You’ll find everything you need if you check all local stores and keep going back because new stuff is on the racks daily.

Have a budget. Most stores offer new and used costumes and costume ideas. If you are looking for a trending, new costume see if Goodwill has it for a lot less than most retailers. Is the budget thin? Shop used costumes and save even more.

Know your Halloween night plans. What will you be doing with your costume? Will you be outside in the cold, trick-or-treating with kids? Will you be at a kids party or adult party? Know your scene and then you can choose a costume with kid-friendly in mind or even weather in mind.

What are you favorite movies, TV shows? How do your favorite actors/actresses or characters dress? My son is a huge Stranger Things fan and he likes Steve’s character so he decided on Scoops Ahoy Steve for Halloween this year. You can find a lot of inspiration within your favorite media.

Leave the Halloween section. If you are visiting Goodwill stores for your costume hunt, leave the Halloween section to find the right pieces for tops, bottoms, hats, socks, etc. elsewhere in the store.

Find a Goodwill helper. Most stores have DIY experts that can help you find costume necessities and even help find a style or idea you’ll love. There are ‘Whitney’s and Morena’s’ at Goodwill stores nationwide so check your stores experts.

Don’t forget to think about year-round needs while there. My son is in the middle of October Awareness week at school. When I was Back to School shopping I kept colors in mind so we are good to go this week for Orange Day for Anti-Bullying and Pink/Black Day for Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s always a good idea to grab those bright color items in your kids sizes for school events when visiting Goodwill stores especially if they are the day’s colored tag sales.

Goodwill thrift store sales fund free education in a variety of career fields such as culinary, barista, construction, advanced manufacturing, warehouse, computers and more. Shop to help your local community and continue the cycle by donating your past Halloween attire along with other household items!

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Anne Marie

What a timely post! We need costumes for our chikdren this year on a very tight budget.

Melissa L Cushing

I love this post and what a wonderful idea! First off… I love going to the thrift store and my husband and I stop in often to check out the various thrift stores in my area. I love the idea of getting creative and making a costume out of items form the thrift store….sharing this with my kids 🙂


These are all such great tips! Thrifting costumes can be so fun.



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