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6 Ways to Invest in Your Sleep

6 Ways to Invest in Your Sleep

There’s nothing better than waking up after a good night’s rest, feeling refreshed and renewed. You slept a solid 8 hours and didn’t wake up once. Imagine if that could happen every night? Unfortunately, sleeping is more like getting 6 hours, if you’re lucky, and waking up at least twice. But getting proper sleep is more important than you think. Without enough sleep, your ability to function productively throughout the day is seriously impaired, as well as your mood. But sometimes getting enough sleep isn’t so easy and you find yourself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling for hours, despite how tired you may feel. Prioritizing your sleep leads to improved circulation, a stronger immune system, reduced inflammation, increased metabolism, and more. Stop settling for six hours of rest, follow these 6 ways to invest in your sleep:

  1. Breathe & Stretch

The best techniques to help you fall asleep sometimes don’t cost a penny. Breathing techniques and stretching before can have amazing benefits to your sleep. Deep breathing increases blood oxygen and stretching releases tension throughout your body, leading to a sounder snooze. Some poses you could try are child’s pose and supine spinal twist, but check out a yoga poses book to learn even more.

  1. Get New Sheets

Falling asleep in a comfy bed with new sheets is a blissful feeling. The solution to all your insomnia issues might just be getting new sheets. Bamboo sheets are especially good for sleeping as they’re made from 100% bamboo and are unbelievably silky and supple. You definitely want to invest in cozy sheets that are cool and breathable. 

  1. Color Before Bed

Stress can be a huge factor in why you have trouble falling asleep. When you’re stressed, your mind keeps running even though your body is tired. We’ve all experienced the frustration of feeling exhausted, but not being able to get our mind off our stress. In this case, try coloring before bed. Get yourself a relaxing coloring book and some markers, and get creative! The act of coloring is cathartic and helps you relax.

  1. Journal

Similarly to coloring, putting pen to paper and writing down your thoughts can help relieve the burdens of the day. Journaling every night is a great way to wind down your mind and get ready for sleep. Make a gratitude list to remind yourself of all the things you are thankful for and you’ll see just how quickly your worries from the day vanish. 

  1. Enjoy Some Tea

Is there anything more relaxing than winding down at the end of night with a nice, warm cup of tea? Not only is tea extremely relaxing (and yummy) it can actually help you fall asleep. Some great options for sleeping are chamomile tea, which reduces inflammation and anxiety, lavender tea, which has a very soothing scent, and lemon balm, which is known for reducing stress. 

  1. Read in Bed

When in doubt, if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, try reading. Minimize the amount of screentime you allow before bed because the blue light from screens can affect your ability to sleep. Instead of scrolling through your phone, opt for a book. It’s better for your mind and your sleeping schedule!

Not putting enough effort into your sleeping habits will always come back to haunt you in the end. There’s a reason why people who get eight-plus hours of sleep every night look as youthful and happy as they do! Prioritizing your sleep now will benefit your mental and physical health later on and lead to a much happier life. Stop settling for nights spent tossing and turning and try out any of these methods to invest in your sleep. You’ll thank me later.

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