6 Tips to Dress Tween Girls On Rainy Days

6 Tips to Dress Tween Girls On Rainy Days
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As you prepare yourself for the cold and wet days of the fall, you need to update your wardrobe for outfits that can be suitable for rainy days. For a lot of us, the long, drizzly days can become a huge mood spoiler but for many others, it is only a little inconvenience. When it comes to dressing for rainy days, it is not always necessary to wear clothes that are old and ugly but you must wear stuff you do not mind getting wet and muddy. 

If you are bummed out because of the gray days, you do not need to worry. There are different ways you can dress yourself and your tween girls on rainy days. First and foremost, you need to invest in rain boots so that no matter the outfit you wear, you look stylish and well put together at all times. You will find many options these days so consider buying a nice pair you will feel great in. You can also consider buying a scarf to protect your hair. A thin scarf around your hair will keep the flyways away and will also protect against frizz. 

Tips to dress tween girls on rainy days

1. Layer it up 

The easiest way to dress your tween girls on rainy days is layering. Try to layer the outfit in case of an abrupt change in the weather. There can be nothing more frustrating than dressing up for a drizzle and encountering sleet or wearing heavy layers for a freezing day only to see the sun out. If it is already raining, you can layer the outfit so that it is easier to ditch the outer layers when the weather is warm and dry. And always keep an umbrella with you!

2.  Classic trench coat and boots 

There is nothing as classy and chic as a stylish brown trench coat and chunky boots for a rainy day. Right from the eye-pleasing neutrals to the Parisian style, the trench coat will get all the attention. It is ideal for a drizzly and cold day. The look is easy to put together and tween girls look cute in a trench coat and boots. You can wear a crewneck sweater with a brown trench and leather leggings. Simply put on the rain boots and you are ready to go. You can accessorize with a stylish leather purse or opt for a simple sliver neckpiece. 

3.  Leather jacket and sock boots

When dressing up for the rainy days, you cannot simply step out in a top and jeans. You will need to wear something that keeps you warm and safe from the rain. This is one look you will feel totally comfortable in, no matter how heavy the rain is. Right from the comfortable hoodie to a jacket and rubber sock boots, the outfit is perfect for the year. Wear a leather jacket and sock boots for a day out. The look can be put together within minutes. Remember to add an umbrella with a pop of color. 

4.  Skirt and raincoat

Who says you cannot party when the weather is wet and drizzly? Style your tween girl in a cute look that will cover her up without dulling her mood. Wear a tee and tuck it into a short leather skirt. Now put on a light jacket or a raincoat on top and complete the look. Wear knee-high boots to keep the feet dry. Alternatively, you can add tights to the ensemble in place of a skirt if you are worried about feeling cold. 

5.  Denim and patterns

The perfect option for a humid summer day, wear a patterned dress and denim to keep you feeling cool and fresh. Now pick the right umbrella for the day to add color to the outfit. The umbrella will make all the difference to how your entire outfit looks. If there is a nip in the air, consider adding a denim jacket and ankle boots to keep the feet dry while looking cute and stylish. 

6.  Jumper dress and boots

If you want a last-minute put together look, just check the weather app and pick your outfits. If it is going to rain all day, stick to a basic look that is comfortable and easy to throw on. Just pick a basic tee and wear it below a hooded jumper dress. Now add black tights and rain boots. Your little girl is ready to go.

If you invest in a few basic pieces like jackets and boots, it is not difficult to put-together a look for the rainy days. You do not need to worry about creating an ensemble for your little girl on gray days. Just some basics, a stylish jacket, and comfortable boots and she is ready to take over the day!

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