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6 Things You Must Do When Visiting Seaside, Oregon

One of our favorite weekend getaways is a drive to the Oregon coast from western Washington. Seaside is always our destination because it is the perfect family and pet-friendly spot to stay. When I say pet-friendly, I mean that many shops have no problem with your dog wandering inside on a leash. There is plenty of places to stay and eat all within walking distance. in the small, yet plentiful town.

We have found that when we go, there are things we never miss doing or seeing and I will share them with you.

Book the room with a view

Every time we have stayed, we ask for the room with a view and this can be anywhere from $0-$30 extra a night. The extra will be worth it! There are a few hotels off the water strip, but plenty along it. This past trip we stayed at the Hi Tide Oceanfront Inn. It was a great price because it is an older Inn, but very clean and kept up very well.

We had the dogs and were given a ground level room with a balcony looking out to the ocean. It is winter and it was stormy so the views were spectacular of the high waves. The only obstacle between the room and the ocean was a walking trail. The boys swam their hearts out and it was great they keep there pool open until 11pm. From 6-8 they had fresh cookies in the lobby and the free breakfast was very plentiful. I will definitely stay here again.

Bring the dogs!

Why? Because everyone does. Seaside is a dog’s paradise. The beach is full of furry friends, the walking trail has more leashed friends and plenty of poop bag stations and trash cans. Broadway St. is the main shopping avenue and the stores will have dog invite signs if they are allowed in. Most allow them except food and ice cream shops and the odd tiny store where space is a factor.

Take the kids to Funland

Once the kids see this gigantic space, they won’t let you pass it up. Funland is almost a block long and connected to Fultano’s Pizza which is delicious, this arcade is packed almost any time of the year.

If you happen to spend New Years or other special weekends in Seaside, Funland will close and offer a cover charge admission (usually $15 a kid) and they get a DJ, raffles and contests as they play all night. Playing at the arcade then dinner a hotel swim and you will have a quiet evening enjoying the view as the kids crash!

Eat at Dundees on Broadway

We always make a stop at Dundees Bar and Restaurant. This family-friendly restaurant has great beers on tap (and you are walking back to your room so no big deal). The food is fantastic and great portions. They offer a small salad bar too to add to dinner. If you are unsure what to order, their pizzas and fantastic. The crust is thin and crunchy and so delicious!

Stop by the swings

As minor as it sounds, my son (and other children around) gravitate to the swings placed down the beach in 2-3 spots. There was a set on the sand in front of our hotel and another set in front of Broadway in the sand and I believe there is a third set further down.

Stop at the candy store when they get tired of walking and take a break on the swings because you have been so busy you almost forgot to do nothing but look at the waves.

Visit in the winter

All the beaches along the Washington and Oregon coast are gorgeous in the summer. They are always packed and the water is still not always warm enough to really swim in anyhow. We love the winter visits!

In the winter, wind is common especially late December and January. This makes the beach gorgeous with large waves. Bring an umbrella, it rains often enough but never bothers us-less loose sand in the shoes (bring boots). Also, you typically get prime hotel prices and plenty of rooms with views available. The staff is relaxed and more attentive and the shop owners really want your business and deal well and offer specials.

If you want a relaxing beach with no crowds, with large waves, shopping and dining without needing your car all weekend and tired kids, visit Seaside, Oregon in the winter!

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I like the winter advice, and it doesn’t seem to snow a lot there even in winter.

Robin Abrams

Oregon looks like a great place to visit. We have not been there yet

June S.

(6 Things You Must Do When Visiting Seaside, Oregon) I have always wanted to go and visit some different places in Oregon someday. Sounds like a wonderful state to go and see.

nancy j burgess

I’d love to go to Oregon sounds like a lot to see and do.


that looked like so much fun,,that pizza looked amazing ,never been to oregon


that would be a good trip i remember when we used to do this


Thanks for the info! Oregon is a state on my travel bucket list! I hope to make it there soon!


This looks like so much fun. I would love to go there and see the other side of the US.

sam m

Me and my father who is disabled now and can not travel that far always wanted to see Oregan. He just loves the west!

Suzanne Greene

I would love to visit Oregon, and Seaside looks like a lot of fun!

Michael Coovert

Great Wolf Lodge looks like an incredible place. I have friends in Seattle I am supposed to visit once things get back to normal. I will have to check it out when I finally get the chance to go.