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6 Meditation Tips so You Can Practice Self Care with Spa Girl Life Candles

Comment: I was sent a sample for feature. Opinions are my own.

6 Meditation Tips so You Can Practice Self Care with Spa Girl Life Candles

Have you spent any time focusing on YOU these past few months? So many of us are worried about many changes from jobs, income, family health and when all these worries seem to be mounting we can become literally sick and exhausted when we forget to stop, breathe and relax.

Relaxing might seem like an impossible right now, but we have to accomplish this! Even if for a moment we need to remember the following tips when we can find those few minutes to refocus and reenergize. Doing so will help this journey have even better results for you and your family. I have TWO, not one, expert to offer some tips to meditate – breathe and relax!

6 Meditation Tips

meditation tips

These first 3 tips are from The Spa Girl Life CEO and founder, Nicole Black

  1. Use a timer and set it for 60 seconds the first time. Close your eyes and say one word over and over until the timer goes off. You can repeat until you get to five minutes and then start listening to guided meditations. (Use a word like peace or love or whatever you want more of in your life.)
  2. Crystals. You don’t have to hold the crystals for them to work, they only need to be in your space. Set them in front of you, or put one off to the side if that feels better. In time, you may be drawn to pick them up and use them in your hands.
  3. Meditate in the morning. The best time of day to start meditating is usually first thing in the morning. If setting the timer after you get out of bed won’t be a possibility, set it while you’re still lying down in bed.
    Lastly, remember the best meditator is the one who listens to their own internal voice above all others. You’re probably better at meditation than you know.
spa girl life candles

The last 3 meditation tips I received from Jaya Jaya Myra a research scientist turned natural health advocate and bestselling author, is known as the “Wellness Lifestyle Expert” and is the go-to media expert on mind-body wellness, stress management, mindfulness, food for mood and natural, healthy living.

  1. Work on your breath – First off, the mind is directly connected to how fast or slow you breathe – the slower the breath rate, the slower the hamster on a wheel in your mind is. I recommend that before people start trying to meditate to do a couple weeks of breathing exercises where you practice lengthening and deepening the breath. This means you’ll have fewer breaths per minute, your breath rate will be slower and the mind will automatically slow down, making it easier to let go when you sit to meditate.
  2. Sit comfortably – There is no right or wrong way to sit in meditation – sitting in lotus position with the spine straight was a strategy for yogis who wanted to be able to stay meditating for several hours without moving, and is really not practical for most people! What’s important is to get comfortable – whatever that means for you – and just breathe.
  3. There’s no “right” way – Just like there is no right way to sit, there is no “right” way to meditate. Some people use techniques, some people focus on silence. Some meditate in the morning and some at night. Meditation can serve a ton of different purposes, and every way you do it will have a different benefit. FInd what feels right to you and work with that.
meditation candle

The Spa Girl Life offers candle sets that will help bring a little peace to your life especially when you pair these with the meditation tips above. Each candle comes with a mantra, two crystals one for each hand if you choose to meditate with them, and a guided meditation and postcard. I have seen them described as “mini first aid kit for the soul” and when I am near my candle the scent is so tranquil and there is something so relaxing about touch and the crystals are the perfect way to go from a fun, smelly candle to a tool for peace and tranquility for the mind and body.

Visit The Spa Girl Life and begin a more peaceful journey for yourself. Remember these 6 meditation tips. You deserve it!

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