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6 Healthy Routines for Young Women

6 Healthy Routines for Young Women

Keeping yourself healthy is as much a matter of consistency as is the specific diet or exercise program you choose. You’ll notice increased energy, resistance to illness, and a more positive attitude overall. Your gains will be cumulative; you’ll set up a strong foundation for healthy habits for the rest of your life. Here are a few main areas to focus on. 

1. Keep Your Medical Appointments

Don’t forget to make regular appointments for well-woman care, vision care, and dental care. Doing so will ensure that you have a strong ongoing relationship with a clinician, head off any potential problems, and keep those key parts of your body system functioning well. Sometimes, the unexpected can happen. Not sure where to turn? Search using terms such as free pregnancy tests in Illinois to find assistance and support. 

2. Stay Well-Connected

Identify your most supportive family and friends, and stay in touch with them regularly. Though texts and video chat are great, don’t underestimate the power of IRL contact. Get active in your community, too — it might involve volunteering or joining an interest group. Pick things that suit your personality. Whether you’re extroverted or introverted, research shows that the health-giving power of social bonds is an antidote to stress and overwhelm. 

3. Minimize Your Stress

Speaking of stress, do your best to minimize it. While it’s impossible to eliminate all stress (and some stress is healthy!), you undoubtedly have activities, relationships, and routines that drain you. Either change them so they’re less stressful or eliminate them. 

4. Prioritize Your Spirituality

Your spirituality is connected to the deepest part of you. Cultivate and nurture it. If you’re inclined, regular church attendance and prayer groups might be a good fit. Or, you might prefer groups that meet and discuss a spiritual theme. Remember to prioritize your solo spirituality, too. Meditation and prayer are constructive practices to help you stay grounded and calm. 

5. Exercise Regularly

Get moving! In this screen-saturated culture, it’s easy to stay on the couch all day. Don’t give in to this temptation. Even if your job requires a lot of computer work, take regular breaks to move; dance breaks are a fun way to do it. Put together a simple exercise plan that addresses cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and agility training. 

6. Eat Wisely

Especially when you’re young, it’s easy to reach for packaged foods and not feel any consequences. Over time though, you’ll notice the effects: decreased energy, increased cravings, changes in body composition, decreased muscle mass, and mood instability. Counteract that by including as many whole foods in your diet as possible. Go out to a weekend farmer’s market and pick up some fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat (if you’re not a vegetarian). Including a few nutritious items in your diet will make you feel stronger and more vital. Don’t forget to hydrate; carry a water bottle with you at all times. 

Developing healthy routines early in life will help you in the long run. Keep these tips in mind to feel and look your best. 

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gloria patterson

I am OLD but I am going to share this with both of my nieces. Mothers, workers, part time jobs busy busy. they need to take time for their health