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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Safely for the Dogs

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As spring approaches, nothing feels better than starting off the season of longer days and travels than with a clean and organized home. With so many cleaning products on the market, we have to now consider ingredients and ways to prevent having to use harsh ingredients when cleaning around small children and our pets.

We have 2 puppies under the age of 2 and dog messes happen almost daily. I just had one sneak upstairs and leave a potty mess in the hallway carpet this morning. Even the trained puppy slips at times.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Safely for the Dogs

  • Choosing the right cleaners. Choosing a toxin free cleaner is a must. Our pets are exposed to so much we cannot control such as what they encounter in dog parts, processed foods, outdoor and indoor pollutants so let’s make sure the cleaners we use are safe for them. I use a brand I get on Amazon called Truce. It really works great and they only include about 5 simple ingredients in their products. I am not sponsored by Truce for this feature, I just love their ingredients and want to share that option with you. In addition, constant use of alcoholic sanitizers and antibacterial wet wipes around the house can cause serious health issues for your dog. Products with harsh chemicals and ingredients should alert pet owners. Instead, using plastic-free eco-friendly wipes are a safe option. They are effective against 99.9% of germs and work great on counters, appliances, tables, and tiles for quick and easy cleanup without leaving harmful odors. 
  • The Dog Dishes. Keeping the feeding area clean is so important. I used to pet sit years ago as extra income and I will never forget a home I was in to care for their 2 dogs. They kept their food in a small garbage can in the garage. As I was there I reached in as food was low and scooped up food and looked down and saw it–mold! Luckily, a new bag was available so I could discard that can (I dumped all food, used their hose and soap to wash it out and dry so a fresh bag could be put in). When you store food or keep food bowls full for free feeding you need to wash and dry between fills.
  • In this family’s case, they would see food get low and pour in a fresh bag so there was food at the bottom that never was circulating into the fresh batch and just sitting there as ‘the bottom of the bin’. With my dogs I use an elevated dish set that is all dishwasher safe (see what I use here). Have you cleaned the feeding area lately?
  • They will help with spring cleaning by first surveying the home to find all areas the dogs frequent. These professional cleaners will then tailor a cleaning schedule and use cleaning supplies that will be safe for dogs. This will usually involve using vetted and safe cleaning products and vacuuming often to remove any pet hair and dander that could be harmful if inhaled by the dogs. You can visit UrbanMop and find a perfect option for you, and be sure that once they’re finished, you can rest easy knowing your home is clean and safe for your furry friend.
  • Catch those messes early! With spring, comes wet yards. Having the right items nearby as you let your dog inside will prevent mud and dirt from reaching too far into the home. I keep a towel nearby for muddy paws and natural dog shampoo and soap in the downstairs shower or by a hose for the real messy outdoor play adventures. Taking a moment to wash down and with soap and a shower or yard hose keeps messes and stains from furniture and rugs.
  • Protect the human furniture. Using furniture covers or even keeping a blanket on the dog’s favorite couch spot really saves the sofas and chairs over time. If you are looking for a quality dog furniture cover that was recently updated in 2019, see these suggestions from
  • Keep your pet groomed! My dog’s may not shed (we have Whoodles), but all dogs float dander. Keeping your dog groomed helps eliminate excess hair and dander from landing on floors and furniture. Invest in a quality de-shedding brush and if you are spring cleaning your home, make the dogs a grooming appointment. They get out of the house while you clean and when you pick them up, they are not excessively shedding int he clean space. Grooming includes clean ears and eyes so as not to have them rubbing yeast and debris on blankets an rugs.

Another note, if your spring cleaning plans include an upcoming move then consider these tips if you need some extra help keeping your fur baby in mind. Here are a few simple steps that can ease the stress of moving with pets.

Pets are such a blessing, but also can add to the mess of a home quickly. Practicing prevention is how I stay on top of my dogs’ messes. It is an easy routine to get into.

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