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5 Tips for Caring for Senior Dogs – and Infographic

The day we all dread will come eventually when our dog’s hit their senior age. Caring for senior dogs starts when your small breed turns 7 and large breed turns 6 and requires some new and extra efforts to assure they will feel and act younger than their age.

Infographic created by Back on Track

Back on Track has created this helpful graphic above to narrow senior dog care into 5 categories.

  • Nutrition: Taking care of gut health and weight control is crucial to overall health
  • Exercise: There are many ways to keep an inactive dog active
  • Check Ups: Check ups have moved to every 6 months now or per your Veterinarian
  • Oral Health: Poor oral hygiene has a direct relation to heart health. Let’s get those teeth cleaned and maintained
  • Accommodations: Keep your dog’s future in mind from stairs assistance as bones and joints can fail to wide open spaces and rugs for traction
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