5 things to consider before selling your home

5 things to consider before selling your home
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Selling your home can be a tricky and stressful process without the help of a good agent and
some tips to stay on track. And while Real Estate Brokers like Compass pride themselves on
working with people to make their real estate dreams a reality, it’s important to know what to
expect when selling your home. Here are the 5 main things to consider before selling your home.

How flexible are you willing to be on the price?

It’s important to do your research and check what the price ranges are for similar homes
being sold around your area. Then compare those prices to yours and allow yourself a little
time to reflect on how flexible you’re willing to be on the selling price.
Remember, a great deal of ‘window shopping’ is now done online. What does that mean for
your place? It means there are many house-hungry shoppers who have set very strict price
brackets in their search engines. If you price yourself too high at the start, you may miss out
on the perfect sale.

A common real estate trick is to underprice the home a little, which creates more buzz,
attracts more interested parties, and bumps the price up as they continue to bid on your

Leaving sentimentality out of a sale

When it’s time to make a final sale, it’s important to leave sentimentality where it belongs –
as far away from the deal as possible.

No one expects you not to feel a myriad of emotions when it’s time to pull out of your old
driveway for the very last time, but adding sentimentality to a potential sale situation can be
the kiss of death.

Making the viewings feel more special

Each new home viewing is the chance to entice buyers into making an offer and feeling like
they’ve found their perfect new home. It goes without saying that a fresh lick of paint and a
good clean are important parts of the process, but don’t forget about making it feel like a
warm and inviting place to live.

Appeal to the senses – the smell of freshly baked goods, the crackling of a fireplace, or the
look of a perfectly set dinner table can all add to the experience of an open home viewing.
The curb appeal of your home

While many people hear the term ‘curb appeal’ and roll their eyes, it’s actually one of the
most vital parts of selling a home. And if you want to get the right price, it’s something you
need to consider.

What is curb appeal? It’s that very first impression a buyer will get when they see your home
from the outside. So paint those fences, mow that lawn, pull out those weeds, and try to view
your home with a critical eye. Would you buy this place based on how it looks from that first
step into your front yard?

Don’t lose sight of what your end goal is

Selling a home can be a tricky process, but if you remember what the end goals are, and
work with a reputable realtor, you can make sure it’s smooth sailing from that first listing to
finally handing over the keys.

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