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5 reasons why Skylanders Trap Team is a popular kids toy #HolidayGiftGuide

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5 reasons why Skylanders Trap Team is a popular kids toy #HolidayGiftGuide
If you have kids you have heard of Skylanders! My son is six and just this summer he caught the Skylanders fever! However, his chance to play comes with playdates as I have yet to buy the portal. His birthday is in May and Christmas was a long ways away, so to spring on a Skylanders portal was a little too much spoiling, I thought! Early this year the Skylanders Swap Force set was the unit everyone had and in October, the new portal debut called the Skylanders Trap Team. Because Activision is so awesome, my son was spoiled by them and sent the Skylanders Trap Team starter pack for his Wii! I now have grown to enjoy it a bit myself and I now wish I had the Swap Force to start as summer entertainment for him.
5 reasons why Skylanders Trap Team makes a popular gift for kids
  1. You CAN use your Skylanders Swap Force characters with the Trap Team Traptanium Portal
  2. The new portal trap lights up in sync as you can hear the villains speak from the built-in speaker on the portal
  3. You can trap villains and play them as a character. This new play enables you to switch from playing a Skylander to a Villain if you have the trap who’s element matches that villain
  4. There are more female Skylanders for the girls in the new Trap Master characters
  5. The one-of-a-kind experience of toys coming to life


The new characters
There are 50 new characters that you can add to your Swap Force collection and play on Trap Team. Skylanders Trap Team now offers a new set of characters-the Trap Masters and new Core Skylanders. The traps are introduced into the new Trap Team portal as the ability to trap a villain of the same element and play him in battle as a good guy! If you place a water trap on the portal trap slot, the water villains are transported into them and are now being controlled by you! Any Skylander can trap and capture a villain of the same element.
The new Traptanium Portal
You do have to buy the new portal, but you want to! The Trap Team Traptanium Portal was designed with sound and illumination as well as the element slot to trap villains. This portal is much more engaging and allows that feature of taking a villain from the digital world and bringing it into the physical world as a playable character. Elements traps are sold separately from characters allowing you to collect only what you need and want for game play.
Kaos is the Skylanders enemy. He desires to build his own army against the Skylanders and blows up a prison that releases the most destructive villains. Bits of Titanium are blasted down to Earth and the Skylanders need to defend. As a player, you become a Portal Master for the Skylanders and by finding and using titanium traps, the villains need to be captured to defeat Kaos.
Skylanders Trap Team makes an excellent holiday gift and what I also love about this game is it is available on a wide selection of consoles-Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 2DS/3DS, XBOX 360/One, PS3 & PS4. The starter pack is under $100 and price depends on console need. The characters and element are as low as about $6-$25 standard. This is a popular kids toy that doesn’t totally break the bank the way many electronics and games do. It doesn’t take long for my son to do enough chores to save money for the characters and elements he wants which gives him more game fun and I get a child eager to do chores!

You can find the Skylanders Trap Team starter packs as well as the characters at major retailers in store and online.
Disclosure: A huge thank you to Activision for sending the Skylanders Trap Team to a very eager boy! All opinions are 100% my own


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Henry Larry

Skylanders Trap Team seems like an exciting way to engage kids in interactive play especially with the added feature of trapping villains and playing as them. The diverse range of characters and compatibility across different consoles make it a versatile choice for young gamers.
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