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5 DIY Valentine’s Gifts for the Classroom

Our youngest is 10 and even in 5th grade the kids still love the holiday gifts that arrive for celebrations. I showed up to the classroom on the last day before the Christmas holiday with donuts from the grocery bakery and you would have thought I brought a movie star with me!

“Whoa! Do we all get 1 whole donut?”

“Thank you so much!! The donuts are our favorite”

They were so excited I kind of felt guilty. Other kids brought in so many great sweets and treats and the kids were drooling over these donuts like it was all they needed. Then as they got their donut and the rest of the kids handed out there items, there was another popular treat.

The only handmade item (the rest were typical store bought cookies and cupcakes) was a boys homemade cookie treats and the kids began admiring those. They weren’t store bought and they were unique so the kids were intrigued. Even at grade 5, the kids still appreciate the effort and uniqueness of DIY class gifts.

So, I have not totally made up my mind of what to send with Anthony for Valentine’s Day but here are my favorite DIY Valentine’s Gifts for the Classroom right now I have saved into my bookmarked pages.

1. Fruit Snacks Valenties

I found these on Domestic Executive Online and in her Free Valentine’s Printable post she has this fun idea for fruit snacks. Cheap and easy!

2. Goldfish “Hooked On You” Valentines

This is so fun and also very inexpensive. All you need is some goldfish crackers, baggies and the instructions from Frugal Coupon Living’s post for these fun free Valentine’s printables!

3. Capri Sun with Cupid’s Arrow Messages

Like I mentioned above, I attended my son’s 5th grade class holiday party and with 30 kids who brought treats, no one brought drinks and us adults were running for water for very sugar-high thirsty kids! This is a fun idea I found from Joy’s Life for this fun drink Valentines printable.

4. Crayon DIY Printable

Boxes of crayons are a great non-food gift for the kids of all ages. I found this free crayon printable for this Color My World Valentine from Dreaming in DIY.

5. Peel the Love Valentine

Want to bring the healthier treat? This is a fun free Valentine’s printable from Happy Money Saver for cuties oranges

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I like all of these, will be doing the Capri Sun with Cupid’s Arrow Messages for sure.


I like all of these, will be doing the Capri Sun with Cupid’s Arrow Messages, for sure.

Denise Low

These are all is a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

Robin Abrams

We let our grand kids give Fruit Snacks Valentine to their classmates.

Mia E.

What fun and unique ideas. My grandkids would have so much fun making these.

Terri S.

So many great ideas. My grandkids like to bring treats for their classmates on Valentines Day. I like your Cuties and your I’m Hooked on You (goldfish crackers) treats for them to give out.

vickie Couturier

very interesting its hard to do a lot when you have 4 grandkids still in grammar school,,

Lauryn R

These are such cute ideas, thank you so much for sharing! I really like that they are non-candy Valentines. 🙂

Casey Garvey

The cuties oranges valentines are so cute! I love that they are sneakily healhy as well!

Tasha Wilkerson

As a mom of 6 kids, these look so fun!!


These are all so great. Thanks so much for this..


These are awesome ideas that I know my grandkids would love to personalize for their classmates. I pinned this for future reference. After all, Valentines Day is coming up. These ideas are reasonable also. Thank you for the printables and sharing!