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5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas the Kids Can make

Father’s Day is almost here and we all know Dad does not need another tie or a second pair of slippers (he can only wear 1 pair at a time anyway).

I have been searching some of the best (and most adorable) DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas to share with all of you in one spot.

Handprint Baseball Father’s Day Gift with Free Printable Poem

Photo Source: Sunny Day Family

Seriously, how adorable is this for bay or toddler to Dad?! A trip to Goodwill could even get you a ball and mitt for cheap. Purple Power, magic eraser or a degreaser cleans the ball well.


Craft Stick Flower Pots

Photo Source: Typically Sourced

If Dad has a desk he likes to show off his kids work at, this is a fun way to add color to his workspace.


Tackle Box Candy Craft

Photo Source: Crafty Morning

This is a lot of fun to fill with worms and fish treats. I would supervise the kids on this craft so that enough candy is left over for Dad’s gift!


Superhero DIY LEGO Gift

Photo Source: Celebrating with the Bug

Have a lot of LEGO’s lying around? Have the kids create superheroes while you get this printable ready. You can display in a shadow box frame

www. celebratingwiththebug.com/superhero-diy

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart Craft

Photo Source: Mosswood Connections

This is such a simple project for the kids that requires a bunch of bolts, washers and nuts and glue. I bet you can put an ask out in your community groups an someone may have an old can of these around for you. If you need to polish them up, put them in a plastic bottle with some apple cider vinegar and shake them every once in a while.


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Amy D

Thanks for the cute ideas. My husband would especially love that handprint baseball.

Cynthia C

Great ideas! I love the handprint ball and mitt.

kate g

Not only do I like these projects on a creative level, I really like that they are making memories that go straight from heart to heart.

kate g

Not only do I like these projects from a creative viewpoint, what I really like is that they will make memories that go straight from heart to heart.

Sandra Preti

I have never seen the Superhero Lego Craft–so unique and cute!