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5 Designer Savvy Stress Relief Gadgets


5 Designer Savvy Stress Relief Gadgets

In an ideal world, every office would include a sauna and jacuzzi for your stress relief convenience.

But for those of us who don’t have time for a thorough soaking and full body massage in the middle of the workday, there are brilliant innovators creating new stress relief products every day.

Don’t worry– you won’t see tacky rubber stress balls or cheap plastic trinkets on this list.

Continue reading to find five products that help you blow off steam without adding unwanted clutter:

1. Spire Stone

Designed to looks like a smooth skipping stone, this wearable tech clips to your belt and tracks your breathing patterns.

To help you stop stress before it happens, this device syncs with your iPhone or Android to send you data about who and what appears to stress you out.

If you’d like, you can program your Spire to guide you through meditative breathing exercises and send you gentle reminders to get your legs moving when you’ve been seated too long.

With so much helpful data from one small and sleek device, it’s no wonder Spire is recommended by thousands of health professionals worldwide.

2. WellBe

Speaking of wearable tech, WellBe is an elegant digital bracelet and mobile app focused on improving your emotional well-being.

Based on the time of day, your location, and the people you interact with, WellBe tracks your heart rate and uses a patented algorithm to help you understand what stresses you out the most.

The WellBe bracelet comes in three neutral wristband colors and includes an optional silver “flow” symbol as an accent.

3. Fidget Cube

Designers Matthew and Mark McLachlan took the world by storm with their wildly successful Fidget Cube Kickstarter Campaign in 2016.

Still the reigning champ in modern stress relief products, the Fidget Cube offers a different soothing action on each of its six sides. Whether you prefer clicking, rolling, or flipping, this cube’s got you covered.

The Fidget Cube website offers 10 entertaining color combos to choose from, and thoughtfully included both silent and audible settings for when you want to fidget your heart out without disturbing your coworkers.

4. Monolit DIY Magnetic Balls

Sometimes the best way to regain focus is to spend 15-30 minutes on a creative distraction. This set of 216 magnetic chrome spheres provides just that kind of escape.

Each ball is only 5mm high. They can be left out as a chic and minimalist desk accessory, or stored quickly and easily for travel in their reusable tin case.

Think of this toy by Monolit as a tidier, shinier version of Playdough or Legos. Stretch your creative muscles without creating a mess.

5. QuietOn Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Most Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) devices require bulky over-ear headphones and an external power source.

Finnish innovators Janne and Matti created their own patented technology to make the luxury of solitude wireless and perfect for travel.

QuietOn Earplugs help you focus at work and sleep better in new environments by blocking out stressful low-frequency sounds. You can’t always control the sounds around you, but you can control how many of those sounds disturb your peace and quiet.

Stay Stressless With Stress Relief Products

Let’s face it, quality products that keep you healthy and happy are always worth the price.

If ugly or uncomfortable furniture is disrupting your calm, check out Ekornes Stressless recliners, they’re the only recliners endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and designed to give you ergonomic relaxation.

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