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4 Ways to Express Your Creativity & Uncover Your Inner Artist

4 Ways to Express Your Creativity & Uncover Your Inner Artist

Albert Einstein said “knowledge is limited, imagination is endless.” That’s because the genius knew that creativity and artistry are an important part of our world and who we are as human beings. We’re all born with some level of creativity, and we can apply it in so many avenues in our lives. 

Creativity is at the core of the things we marvel at in this world. From beautiful songs and sculptures, to couture gowns and good movies, our society is a deep pool of artistry, and we can all tap into it. 

Art isn’t just drawing, photography, painting, music or fashion design. There are so many ways to express your creativity and turn your artistic streak into something tangible. If you’re willing to explore your own inner artist, you’ll be surprised at what your own imagination can come up with. 

Here are some ways you can use your creative skills to bring a little more joy into the world and uncover your inner Artist.

Digital Art

With so much of our lives existing in the digital space, it’s no surprise that creativity has sprouted there as well. Some of the most talented artists in our world make their creations on computers and tablets. Using tools like Adobe Illustrator, people with a digital skillset can craft something on a screen and create eye-catching, striking and beautiful works of art. If you want to nurture this skill, getting in that kind of software will help tremendously, along with a digital printer and Epson pigment ink so that those great creations can get framed and put up because it truly is art!

Alternatively, your digital art can also become the backgrounds and wallpapers on people’s phones. Some people have even mastered the art of creating the designs that end up on fabric prints! This skill can also be applied to motion graphics which are used in advertising, YouTube videos and in the movies. Tapping into a digital creative skill is relevant and incredibly valuable. 


Some people are really good with words and coming up with really memorable ways of expressing something in written form. Writing is one of the most treasured of creative abilities because it combines so many things. It’s art but it’s also communication and self-expression. Fiction writing isn’t the only way to nurture the craft, non-fiction can be just as powerful a medium of writing that someone might want to explore. 

There are many ways to nurture a writing ability – you can read books to expand your vocabulary and take part in writing prompt challenges to get creative juices flowing. The most important thing is falling in love with the process and practice of writing so that you can do it regularly and frequently. If you make it a habit to write, you’ll be able to find your voice, refine your skill and maybe even start working on a blog or a book. 

DIY & Crafting 

Did you know that sites like Pinterest, YouTube and instagram have thriving DIY and crafting communities? That’s because this creative ability brings together art, creativity, design, upcycling and sometimes skills like carpentry. A person with a knack for crafting and DIY, can look at an old basket, and hack how to turn it into a beautiful pendant light. Where other people see an old and worn piece of furniture, they see potential which can be fulfilled with sandpaper, paint, and a little elbow grease. DIY and crafting have become incredibly popular because they can be applied in so many different ways. The possibilities of what you create are endless, and your skills will continue to grow until you can possibly build a small piece of furniture!

Decor and Design 

Some of the world’s most talented creatives spend their time making homes and rooms beautiful. Interior decorating is one of the greatest creative abilities because you actually have a hand in making people’s homes and spaces a joy to spend time in. This is the process of styling a home, setting a vision and mood for the feel each room should have, choosing pieces of furniture along with the accessories and decor elements like rugs, window treatments, artwork and other elements. Nurturing this skill is easy. Try your hand at redecorating an area of your home, and keep doing more projects to continue coming up with new ideas. 

We all have access to creativity, and we are all artists in our own right. When we find the creative pursuit that lights us up, the possibilities are endless. We’re also lucky enough to live in a time where we can learn more about our artistry. On sites like Skillshare, there are tons of courses online on creativity; from learning how to edit your own videos to writing more effectively, and even styling a room to make it look better. Don’t be afraid to tap into your own artistry – through creativity, you can do your own part to make this world more beautiful and inspiring. 

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