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4 Important Facts To Think About When Considering Clear Aligners

4 Important Facts To Think About When Considering Clear Aligners
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As a child, you may have seen your peers with smiles that glinted in the sun, some sporting colorful bands across their wires, others plain metal brackets. You may have worn them yourself. Braces are often associated with an awkward, youthful stage of life as corrective measures for such things as overbite and crooked teeth are generally taken in earlier years of development upon discovery of their necessity. However, many individuals reach adulthood before seeing an orthodontist Queen Creek about dental treatments for improving their grins. In fact, there is a growing trend of adults with braces, eliminating any stigma about it. Clear aligners like Invisalign have also become popular as an alternative to traditional braces. If you are considering getting them, there are some facts you should keep in mind. 

1. They Are Clear Plastic

A large advantage of clear aligners is that they are, as their name states, made of a clear thermoplastic material that is considerably less visible than regular metal braces, though not completely undetectable to the naked eye. They are replicas made specifically for each person’s teeth. There are no brackets or wires to deal with. This means those uncomfortable with the appearance of braces have a choice that may put them more at ease. 

2. They Cost More Than Braces

While aligner cost varies from person to person since it depends on the complexity and time involved, they do generally cost a little bit more. This is because the required laboratory work comes at a higher price. However, many insurance plans do cover them. 

3. They Offer Much Control 

Orthodontists can control your treatment on a tooth by tooth basis by altering the amount of force applied and when it is exerted. There are different mapped out stages, and in each one only the targeted teeth are shifted. You yourself are afforded the ability to remove the aligners when flossing and eating, unlike braces which cannot be similarly taken out. It is important to remember that for maximum beneficial effect, they need to be worn the majority of the time.  

4. They Are More Comfortable

There is some discomfort with this treatment. However, due to their smoothness, there is no gouging and wearing away of the inner cheeks and gums like that which often afflicts wearers of regular braces. They also use a gentler, subtler pressure to get the job done. 

Clear aligners are a viable option for teeth straightening. Like braces, they have their upsides and their downsides. An expert dental professional can help you figure out the best plan for your specific mouth. 

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