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4 All Natural Pregnancy Must Haves

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In the age of chemical ingredients and modified products, it is so refreshing to find brands like annanaturals who have pride in bringing us products that are pure and all natural for safer healing and relief. annanaturals was started by a Mother who experienced her own struggles with breastfeeding discomfort and so with that as well as other pre and post pregnancy issues in mind, she brings natural products with essential oils for therapy and relief. Not pregnant? There are other everyday products with the same care in the ingredients.
To cover common pregnancy woes we think of nausea relief, dry and sore body and breastfeeding discomforts. There are 4 annanaturals pregnancy products that are must haves for pre and post pregnancy I wanted to share with you.
I personally had minimal nausea with my son, but had the horrible gas pains. I would have loved to use this mist for my GI discomfort. It contains ginger, peppermint and citrus essential oils. Before running to your pregnancy books to remember what pills or medications you can or cannot take, try using the mist frequently to keep that stomach discomfort under control.
Help those stretch marks as well as relieve that dry and itchy belly with this oil that contains subtle and sweet scent you can use all pregnancy long.
Contains distilled water, witch hazel, aloe vera extract, organic lavender, flower oil, organic peppermint and cucumber fruit extract
It is lanolin-free and heals dry and cracked nipple areas. It is safe for baby and you can even have the residue on when nursing.
Find these and many other natural care products at
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