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35 Handy Uses For Your Handheld Steamer

I have partnered with Nugeni for feature. Opinions and story are my own

With all the talk about the effects of harsh chemicals can you blame those of us who need alternative cleaning methods? I don’t want to use all of those in my home and I have spent a lot of time mixing essential oils to create my own cleaners when I have those extra messy jobs. Now all I need is my handheld steamer.

When I was sent the nugeni STEAMPAC+ Handheld Steam Cleaner I actually had to research how to use a steamer and what I can use a steamer on. I was a bit ‘steamer’ illiterate and I was amazed at what this lightweight, handheld cleaner can do and without any chemicals!

What can I clean with my Handheld Steamer?

  1. Sanitize Mattress
  2. Clean Draperies
  3. Clean Ceiling Fans
  4. Freshen Clothing
  5. Clean Windows
  6. Clean Tile & Grout
  7. Clean Around Toilets
  8. Shower Doors and Water Spots
  9. Bathtub Scum
  10. Vanity/Mirrors
  11. Toothbrush Holders
  12. Window Screens
  13. Pet Cages
  14. Litter Box
  15. Clogged Drains (Washer/Dryer)
  16. Dirty Desks
  17. Laminate Floors
  18. Disinfect Doorknobs
  19. Sliding Doors
  20. Mirrors & Frames
  21. Mini Blinds
  22. Sealed Hard Flooring
  23. Patio Doors
  24. Pet Stains/Odors
  25. Window Coverings
  26. Coffee Table Stains
  27. Sanitize Toys
  28. Ovens/Cooktops
  29. Stainless Steel
  30. Sinks and Faucets
  31. Backsplash
  32. Baked-On Messes
  33. Car Interior
  34. Window/Slider Door Tracks
  35. RV’s/Boats Interior

Tell me, which of the above surprise you most? Before we moved into our new home this summer I traded mattresses for my son with a neighbor. She had a full and needed a twin for her daughter and I had a twin and wanted to upgrade for my older son. I knew they were clean, didn’t smoke and it was in thee garage for a bit. It still has a musty odor anyway to me.

What a perfect test for the Nugeni Handheld Steamer than to see how well it eliminated that mattress musk. The best part is that I don’t need to use any chemicals or harsh products. I steamed using only the steamer.

contents nugeni handheld

I then went on to attack those hard water spots on my shower. I have been using 2 chemical products to keep these sports and bay. One to eliminate build up and one to clean as no matter how well you spray to protect the build up it happens anyway.

steam clean showers

nugeni steamer handheld

What a great gift! Think of how handy this would be to a family you are shopping for this season or all year long! PS-this steamer also is great to keep in RV’s while traveling away from home! nugeni also has lightweight vacuums too! Visit nugeni to learn more including where you can purchase.

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