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30-Day New Year New You Campaign Details with Dancing & Life: Enter to win!

30-Day New Year New You Campaign Details with Dancing & Life: Enter to win!

Starting today through February 11th we are taking a quick daily break and focusing on ourselves. You deserve this for yourself. I have teamed up with other Influencers to bring you this great campaign to start off 2021.

I want you to join me! Most importantly, you get guided daily reflections for free to allow you to live more free (whatever freedom may mean for you)! Then, win along the way as well.

Win Professional Life Coaching

All you have to do to participate and win is check in on my Facebook page (HERE) or Twitter page (HERE) daily and comment on the days activity.

From all of you who comment, you qualify as an entrant to win prizes. That’s all. I will message you if you are invited as a finalist to a livestream where winners will be announced on February 11, 2021. Instructions on becoming a finalist below.

How a winner will be selected on February 11th!

  • If you have a success story and have participated in my (most of my) daily challenges, create a short video of you telling your growth story, and submit that video. It’s easy – just record a short video and send it to me (can be a few seconds only) about how these daily challenges are working for you. Videos must be submitted by 12am PST 2/8/2021. -> Submit videos to to win free Coaching!
  • I will contact you if you are finalist and you will need show up to our Live stream on YouTube Feb 11th (Time TBD). It’s fun, quick and you are there because your story will be shared and judged. Then you have to be present to win. It’s like a closing ceremony to spending 30 days on you! Plus, your chance to meet the Sage Flow. (don’t worry, this is not one of those -90 minute Time Share pitches to earn a prize-lol). I am participating and I want to bring a reader with me to help you win this amazing coaching!


Grand Prize:

3 months of Coaching with Saje Flow(a $30,000 value)

2nd Place:

2 months of Coaching with Saje Flow (a $20,000 value)

3rd Place:

1 month of Coaching with Saje Flow (a $10,000 value)

Runner Up:

From all who participate on my daily New Year New You Campaign by commenting with the days task, I will choose (1) winner to receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Prize provided by Parenting Healthy. ->ENTER HERE<-

You get 1 entry for the Amazon gift card every day you participate so visit my Facebook and Twitter each day for the fun and engaging topics/tasks and comment to enter. (I may post different times of the day, so set you calendar for evening entries perhaps or you can do them any day if you need to catch to up at any time). Runs Jan 11, 2021 through Feb. 11, 2021

Who is Saje Flow (James Lin) and what is Dancing & Life?

I thought this video portrayed him best. This is your prize! You get Saje Flow!! Amazing! Visit Dancing & Life to learn more.

Updates over the next 30 days will appear below!

  • January 11th! Welcome to day 1 – we are focusing on Joy! Here is a direct link to today’s task (Facebook or Twitter). Head over to either link and comment about the days task for an entry and qualifier for prizes listed above. See you there! Visit Dancing & Life.
  • Video Entry for the Life Coaching Prizes. You can submit anytime to
  • Get started today with Saje Flow and what he has to offer you!

January 13! 1) What Inner Strength will Help You Through a Crisis- Quiz

2) 7 Day Dancing Through Crisis Challenge-

3) Dancing Through Crisis Program- $97 Visit

January 19! – The Dancing through Crisis 7-day challenge is a free online video training program that will walk you through 7 powerful movements that can start the process of empowering you to overcome whatever crisis you face.

Sign up now — it’s free! Join The Challenge

January 23! Don’t forget you can win! The best video story submitted to me can have you entered to win! The third best story teller will get 1 month consulting with Saje Flow, 2nd best story teller will receive 2 months of consulting with Saje Flow, and Top Story teller will receive 3 months of consulting with Saje Flow.

January 26! How are you doing? I decided to take this challenge for health. I have created a new fitness routine and workout 5 days a week instead of my 3. I learned to love my exercise time. I set up a new space and love going there 30-45 minutes a day in peace to ride or lift. What is your focus?

January 28! After a Dr visit today I am supposed to drink more water so adding that to my challenge pyramid. Any curve balls or changeups for you?

February 1! It’s the last week! It’s so great that you are figuring out your why for the year. You know that goal-setting is essential in the planning process for long-term success. Without goals, we only guess at our progress. How are you feeling about the coming year? Is anything standing in the way of your goals?

February 4! Checking in! How has it been going. I’d love to hear all about any changes! Email them to me (win prizes)

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