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3 Things To Buy For Your Dog Before Winter

3 Things To Buy For Your Dog Before Winter

Before the ground fills with mud, before paws come inside wet and dirty there are 3 things to buy for your dog that are must haves for your winter dog walks. Let me share these with you and why they will save you this next season.

Let’s start with the ZenClipper Precise. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is a grooming must all year long, but when their skin gets frosty and ears wet after walks having trimmed nails will save them from discomfort as they scratch and thaw out once they come indoors. My dog’s can’t stand staying wet, they do zoomies and dig at their ears and coat until dry.

The ZenClipper comes in different sizes and are fully adjustable to miss those painful quicks. Just the tips is all you need to clip and these clippers are designed to do just that.

Once those nails are trimmed up it is time to leash up. The SmartLeash is great for control especially for your benefit on icy sidewalks. If your dog attempts to bolt, this leash stops them. The leash auto locks and just so you can rest easy that that locking doesn’t cause whiplash, the bungee is there for their comfort so you and your pup get a bit of give in a sudden stop.

Maya is our ‘bolter’ and this leash knows it. See that look she is giving me? This leash stops her and fast. You can tell by the green that she did not get far when we stepped outside and she attempted to take off.

Now that you are both safely back home, what about those dirty paws? The Paw Plunger should be waiting at your door with water if you were prepared. Simply grab a paw and plunge and the soft, rubber bristles inside will leave the dirt in the cup. Grab a towel (have that ready too) and let them back inside!

These 3 items are available to pet owners from Pet Product Innovations and also available on Amazon.

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