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3 Simple Steps to Better Health using dZ10

This is a promotional post for dZ10. I was provided product. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you overwhelmed at all of the health articles and ‘Get Fit’ posts out there? You have read dozens of them yet still find it hard to connect them all and have a place to start. How do I change my diet? What workouts should I do and for how long? It is overwhelming and although I consider myself healthy, I still have to stop and get back on track and reconfigure my regimen. I was contacted by dZ10 to review their digestive enzyme supplements and what intrigued me is the steps they shared with me which exactly mimic what I felt to be steps I live by once I narrowed down my own research to live a healthier lifestyle a while back. So this is a great article to share these steps.

Step 1: Exercise regularly

Have you not started exercising because you don’t know where to start? Have you not been exercising because you lack the time? The great thing about exercise is it drastically improves your mood, health and feelings and can be done anywhere at any time. The reasons you have for not exercising are just excuses. A girl I nannied for years was in a horrible motorcycle accident several years ago. She spent months in a Halo and therapy and there was doubt she would ever walk again. About to graduate High School with soccer scholarships to pay for her tuition, she was headed to great things until the accident. She is wheelchair bound and still works out. She went to gyms and did what she could and she has just made the US Women’s Team through the National Basketball Wheelchair Association. Just prior she was given full scholarship to finish her education. She was in Germany the representing the US in rowing last year as well. I tell you that because if you get a headache or your legs are tired from yesterday just remember Megan. If you want it, don’t allow anything to stop you. She is such a sweet and amazing girl who did not let paralyses keep her sitting unhealthy.

If you don’t know how to start, buy a workout DVD or if you can get to a gym-go! Jump on a treadmill or bike. If you are truly immobile, grab some small weights and move! I can tell you that if you just give yourself even 20 minutes a day, you will learn to crave that time! If you don’t give it to yourself you will notice the difference in your mood and energy.

Step 2: Eat Sensibly

Do you remember you or kids you knew having to sit at the dinner table until all food was gone? I never did this with the boys. If they did not eat, I would save it and if they got hungry later I could reheat it as they don’t get dessert until they’d eaten enough. I try to teach my boys to NOT always eat until your full and most important- to not eat if your not hungry. Why? You can easily overeat. In my home, they have breakfast such a bowl or cereal or oatmeal, a morning snack like a cheese stick or yogurt pouch, lunch such as a sandwich, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert. This is how we all should eat! Healthy foods is one thing, but proportions and timing is everything else.

Eating sensibly and smaller, more frequent snacks and meals is the best habit you can create for you and your family. No more huge servings-get rid of them! The other rule I live by is ‘if I don’t buy it, we can’t eat it”. Don’t buy the Oreo’s and candy or guess what? Your household will eat them or perhaps binge on them! 

Step 3: Take a Digestive Enzyme Supplement with each meal

This is a fairly new regimen I am starting. I have done my research enough to know the importance that proper digestion has on my health and that my body alone does not break down and absorb nutrients as effectively as it could. dZ10 is such a supplement and is created by a Mom who is a yoga instructor and cross-fit enthusiast. Did you know that about every 10 years of life you lose another 13% of the enzymes needed to break down foods? Your body needs the help or you eat right, but only benefit from about 40-50% of the possible nutrients in that meal or snack. It is those nutrients your body needs for fuel to give you effective results at the gym or in your weight loss regimens.

dZ10 will help improve your health, increase your energy and make you feel better because your food is working for you now! With dZ10, you get 100% naturally derived ingredients, fast results (in as little as a day), capsules that can be sprinkled on food for better intake. They are made in the U.S.A. with high quality ingredients. These work great and the first few I took had me eliminating food a little more than usual in the day, but my body got used to it and it really does alter your feelings of healthy!

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