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3 Delicious Ways To Get Protein Into Your Morning Diet #Giveaway

Samples provided by Orgain for feature

The plan to survive back to school should include a few factors. I have one boy off to College across state and an 8 year old entering 3rd grade. My youngest is also into sports year round. I also work in his district at the High School and am on the PTA board. Given that, I am off all summer so the transition to back to school is a rough one for us. I’m suddenly off all work and volunteering all summer and my son is out of school. In September it all just starts back up from rest to work.
Orgain has committed to bringing us a very important element into our morning routine-adding protein to the start of our day for the entire family. Orgain even helps further by offering 5 Back to School Survival tips
  1. Include Protein in Your Breakfast Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up– this reduces carb cravings and boosts your metabolism to start your day off right
  2. Consolidate Your Morning Routine– products that multi-task can save us time and money. With Orgain Cold Brew Coffee + Protein you can get the morning caffeine with your protein
  3. Let Kids Drink Their Breakfast– kids lagging some mornings? Hand them a shake for breakfast. The Orgain Healthy Kids shakes are packed with all they need to start their busy day
  4. Don’t Get Hungry– carry protein bars around with you. Protein staves off hunger and gives you lasting energy
  5. Eat One Meal Together– dinner together is an obvious concept but sometimes hard to do. Each day find the best meal to sit down together for and take that time to reflect on the day
Orgain has many protein options and 3 of my favorite are great ways to get delicious and healthy protein into your morning diet. My favorite is the Orgain Cold Brew Coffee + Protein Iced Mocha and Iced Coffee variety. It is so delicious and very filling. You will not feel like you still need that coffee shop mocha due to how full you start your day off after finishing the drink.
Orgain Organic Nutrition Complete Protein Shakes have an16 grams of protein. You have 4 flavor choices-creamy chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla, strawberries & cream and iced cafe mocha. These shakes also start you off with 23 vitamins and minerals in an organic fruit and veggie blend that is naturally delicious. For the kids, the Orgain Healthy Kids Organic Nutritional Shakes come in 3 flavors-chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. They start their day off with 8 grams of organic protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. It’s a great breakfast to hand them when running behind in the morning.
Don’t want to drink your protein? A third way to get that healthy start is with the Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Bar. They come in 4 flavors- peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate chunk, chocolate chip cookie dough and s’mores. These bars are great for breakfast, lunch or filling snack and bring you about 10 grams of organic plant-based protein and are 100% vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO. They are 140 calories and only contain 4 grams of sugar.
So get that healthy start and feel the difference. Find Orgain at a store near you while back to school shopping. And don’t forget to add them to you college care packages for your older student throughout the year.Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win an Orgain Back to School Survival Pack pictured above. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 8/10/2016.
After you enter below, hop on over to these blogs and enter their giveaways. We are all supporting each other. Hosts & participating hop bloggers are not responsible for sponsors or self-sponsoring bloggers that do not fulfill prize obligations. And visit The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island



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Amber Ludwig

Id love to try the coconut organic hydration!! Sounds perfect for these long summer days!!

amy guillaume linderman

the plant based creamy chocolate fudge protein powder sounds yummy


Would like to try the Kids Protein in chocolate for my grandsons

Patrycja Chudziak

I’d love to try the Iced Mocha Cold Brew Coffee + Protein!

amy guillaume linderman

my kids love anything cookie dough flavor, so the cookie dough bar!

Amber Ludwig

Id love to try the iced Cafe Mocha!! What a great morning pick me up that would be!!

Patrycja Chudziak

I’d love to try the Plant Based Creamy Chocolate Fudge Organic Protein

violet taylor

i would lov ethe mocha protein for myself… would sure motivate me!

Amber Ludwig

The creamy chocolate fudge sounds divine!!

Annamarie V

I would like to try the Organic cold brew coffee, I also like the they have grass fed protein shakes.

Amber Ludwig

The Iced coffee + protein sounds perfect for my mornings!


Wow, so many great-looking products! The vanilla bean protein powder looks good to me!

Patrycja Chudziak

I would also love to try the Organic SLIM Weight Loss Chocolate.

Amber Ludwig

I would love to try the Organic Superfoods powder!!! Yummo!!

Jennifer R

I would like to try the Protein Sweet Vanilla Bean shake from Orgain first.

Jan Lee

I’d like to try the Protein Creamy Chocolate Fudge. I think my great niece and great nephew would like that flavor too 🙂

Sarah L

I’d like to try the Organic Nutritional Shakes strawberries & cream
Thanks for the contest.

Amber Ludwig

The SLIM weight loss Chocolate sounds delicious and great for a diet!!

michele pineda

I want to try the creamy chocolate fudge nutritional shake!

Jordan D.

I’d love the smores protein bar!


I’d like to try the iced cafe mocha.

Kimberly Keithline

I would love to try the Organic Nutritional Shakes
creamy chocolate fudge

Amy Lauren

I’d love to try the vanilla flavor grass-fed whey.

Heather Dangerfield

I’d like to try the Iced Café Mocha flavor.

Amber Ludwig

My son would love the Healthy Kids Organic Nutritional Shake in Strawberry!!

Sarah L

20g Grass Fed Milk & Whey Protein in vanilla.


I would like to try a simple Plant-Based Smooth Chocolate shake. Why stray from the ordinary with a product as good as this? 🙂

Julie Matek

I would love to try this protein shake: ORN-000323&c=Orgain@ProteinShakes@Organic


Iced mocha!

Rachel Freer

I would love to have my kids try the Healthy Kids Organic Nutritional Shakes in chocolate. Neither of my kids get the right balance in their diets so this would be great for them.

Amber Ludwig

Id love to try the Plant-Based Smooth Chocolate!! I bet its delish and low in dairy!!

Jerry Marquardt

I would love to try the Organic Nutritional Shakes in the Iced Cafe Mocha flavor first and foremost.

Lily Kwan

I would like to try the strawberries & cream organic nutritional shake.

Jerry Marquardt

I also would love to try the Organic Protein Bar in the Cookie Dough flavor as a solid alternate.


I would like to try the Iced Café Mocha. Sounds tasty!

Sarah L

Protein Creamy Chocolate Fudge looks good to me.