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3 All natural supplements and vitamins that keep your kids healthy

3 All natural supplements and vitamins that keep your kids healthy

Last year was brutal. Our youngest had a sinus infection, colds a few times and even got Type A flu with 2 other classmates who also tested positive and they were vaccinated! This year is good so far except I already have co-workers with head colds so it is starting.

When Anthony came home last week to say many kids were not in his classes because they called in sick I broke out the supplements and there are 3 I keep close by – Elderberry Gummies, Nature Nose Beast and Immune Boost.

It is important that our supplements do not contain synthetic ingredients. Anthony’s natural supplements come from JoySpring. I have been pitched and researched on my own many supplement and vitamin brands and I narrowed it down to JoySpring. I just love the natural, organic and allergen free formulas. While typical immune boosters for kids contain synthetic ingredients or chemicals, their immune support liquid is 3rd party tested and safe for infants, toddlers & growing kids.

You may wonder why I have Elderberry and Immune Boost. The difference in these two are that the Elderberry Blend+ drops contain Organic Elderberry, Mullein Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Calendula Flower. Immune Boost drops contain Organic Echinacea Purpurea Root, Oregon Grape Root, Lemon Peel, Thyme Leaf, Black Walnut Hull.

The way I use these 3 supplements is that everyday Anthony gets the Elderberry Gummies or drops as maintenance germ fighting. Then when allergy season hits he gets the Nasal Nose Beast drops as well. I use the Immune Boost in place of our Elderberry when I know he is exposed to germs, kids in class sick or we are sick, for a powerful germ-fighter against live viruses.

I would also use the Immune Boost and Elderberry together near the Holidays or finals at school because JoySpring supplements and vitamins are ok to mix and he is 11 so his older age means we can up dosage a bit. With Elderberry power and the Immune Boost (Echinacea) power he is really covered. I do space each out am and pm so he is not taking too much at a time for his stomach’s sake.

While my son has sinus issues I love that they have Nature Nose Beast drops that are a blend of Elderberry, Elecampane Root, Lungwort Leaf & Astragalus Root to fight allergies, congestion and inflammation. JoySpring says that the ingredients are widely considered the safest homeopathic remedy, these respiratory herbs can also be used to loosen congestion caused by seasonal colds, the flu & other illnesses that affect breathing. Just 2-3 drops per day by mouth or mixed into food/drink.

The end of this season will tell for sure if we can stay healthier this year. For now, he is going strong in his first year at Middle School. You can find even more than the 3 supplements options I recommended by visiting JoySpring and stocking up for the upcoming seasons.

Make sure to use the code: PARENTINGHEALTHY and save 15%

Comment: I was sent samples and have decided to become an affiliate. All opinions are my own

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Gummies are a perfect way to get my daughter to have her extra fill of vitamins she’s missing. She always says they’re medicine candies.

Vickie L Couturier

im a firm believer in natural products ,,these old remedys worked for years and are better for you too

bernie wallace

This looks like an interesting product for kids. I will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

Jessi Housel

My kids both just started taking a multivitamin but I wish they weren’t gummies because of what they do to teeth. But that is the only option for them to have one with omega 3 fatty acids


I don’t have any kids but great post and it looks like a good product

Antoinette M

I don’t know this brand. Very helpful & interesting post. Thank you.

Linda Manns Linneman

These sound like great products. I have two grandchildren whom I want to stay strong and healthy. Thank you so much for sharing these products


I always give all natural supplements and vitamins to my son. Thank you for all of these tips. My son is only 5 so I can only really give him the vitamins appropriate to his age. But I love to be prepared for the future.


They look like they’re worth trying.


Thank god for gummies! That’s all my kids will eat/take (vitamins)
digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

beth shepherd

These are great for the kids.


i’ve learned vitamin d is also very important for mood


Looks good!

VALERIE Guerrero

My children like gummies over regular pills

VALERIE Guerrero

My children love gummies instead of regular pills

Lauryn R

These sound like awesome vitamins for kids, I love elderberries. My kids are definitely big fans of the gummies, it makes them feel like they are eating candy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


Not only do they work but they taste great. I look forward to handing them to the grandkids so I can have one