Father's Day

2020 Father’s Day Online Shopping Guide – Gifts for Men

Father's Day gifts for men

You might as well start shopping for Dad now! What else are you doing anyway? Once we slowly get back to a new normal everyone will be rushing out so I see us shopping online more than usual for a ling while.

There is something special about walking store aisle as you find something for Dad, so online shopping will feel a bit different. That’s OK! Sometimes you actually get better deals online anyway!

Many small businesses that cannot open store fronts or that have their product in stores that are now closed are relying on us to get online and find them. So, let’s shop the 2020 Father’s Day gifts for men….

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit – 12 premium products

Available on Amazon

Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow – other wedge and yoga pillows availabel

Shop Brentwood Homes

To Dad, from LEGO-loving kids! Let’s Build together!

Brick Loot

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

Shop Sawyer products!

Awesome Gifts Men Love!

Shop Man Crates

NatureBox is a monthly membership that provides members savings of up to 40% on hundreds of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved snacks. 

Get Dad Healthy snacks delivered!

Build your better bathroom with Dollar Shave Club’s exclusive products.

Join Dollar Shave Club for Dad

Shop Gift baskets for Dad at GourmetGiftBaskets

Shop now!

NomadGoods Power Packs, chargers and cases. 

Buy now!

The Golfer’s Book of Wit & Wisdom: The Complete Collection of Golf Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings

Buy on Amazon

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital

Buy on Amazon!

2x the FDA approved sanitizingh effect to sanitize your devices

Buy Hans-Swipe

Always Eat After 7pm book

Buy the book


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Dana Rodriguez

These are great ideas. I know my guy would love the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit.

Jessi Housel

My husband and I love Big Bang theory! It’s one of those shows we could watch again and again!

Sue E

You are so right!! Now is the time to shop!! Time is flying by so fast!! My husband is a golfer and I know he would like The Golfers Book of Wit and Wisdom.
This guide covers a lot. Sharing on Facebook.

Ashley c

These are great ideas! My husband is so hard to buy for!

monique s

Good ideas here. I like the car supplies. Dads will love a little car care time

Mary West

Definitely need to start thinking about father’s day. Thanks for the ideas!


The Car Complete kit would be the one I know my husband would love the most. He is all about keeping the car in good order.

Mia E.

My husband would love to find the car care kit as one of his gifts. Hel likes spending time taking care of his cars and this would be perfect for him.

Vickie L Couturier

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit would be one that my husband would love

Stevie A.

I usually get my dad a car care gift every year

Katie Bellamy

Great ideas! I know my dad would like the car wash kit!


The pillow looks amazing.

kathy Persons

Great ideas THink we are getting ours a practice net for golfing

Dena Akbar

The pillow looks amazing. and the car wash kit looks amazing.

Dena Akbar

The pillow looks amazing and the car wash kit looks amazing.

Mya Murphy

Any of the gift basket ideas would be awesome. Great picks!!

shelly peterson

I like the Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow


Gift Basket either meat and cheese or mixed nuts

Terri S.

These are all great gift ideas for Father’s Day. For my son-in-law I like the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit the best.

Jan Lee

My dad passed away years ago so there is only my brother in law as the only dad lef t in the family. We don’t ceklebrate the holiday at all.: just send a card is basically it .


Great ideas for father’s day.

elizabeth miller

My husband would love the man crates. He likes things that have a few different items to them.

Lily Kwan

This online shopping guide is very useful. Thanks for sharing!

C rose

Great fathers day gifts ideas.

Dana Matthews

The NatureBox would be perfect for my dad. He’s both a coffee drinker and a snacker. He’d enjoy getting something different to try monthly.

Dana Rodriguez

I like the Gift baskets for Dad at GourmetGiftBaskets allso!

Sue E

In order for my hubby to enjoy his golf outings, he needs these Superfeet Insoles for Foot Pain Relief and Comfort. He buys shoe insoles every time he goes golfing ️‍♀️

Liz N.

The Big Bang Theory would be a big hit with my dad!

Sandy Klocinski

I thinking the Man Crate would make any dad happy

Lily Kwan

Thanks for the great gift ideas! I especially like the Man Crates suggestion.

Buddy Garrett

These are a Lot of great gift ideas. I love the man crates.

D Charte

Hubby would love the Mad Dog sauces

Samantha Wagner

The complete car kit or the Lego brick loot would be something my husband would enjoy.

Susan Marina Brown Lane

I Love the man-crate idea. I got my husband some jerkys and BBQ tools so far.

Sue E

My husband loves golf! If he could, he would golf everyday! I think he would appreciate The Golfer’s Book of Wit & Wisdom: The Complete Collection of Golf Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings. I just might enjoy it too!