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2020 Back to School Guide – School Supplies, Apps, Children Books and More

2020 Back to School Guide

2020 Back to School Guide

Welcome back to another guide full of seasonal topics. Our 2020 Back to School Guide is here! This is all about school from getting your supplies ready, finding the best educational apps or books and more. If it fits the education topic, we will feature it.

Keep checking back throughout these school months and see what new topics and brands I have added! In August we will have a fun giveaway for visitors so stay tuned on the blog!

Make sure to also visit our  Summer Guide and stay tuned for the Fall-ing for Baby Series and Love Your Pet Guide coming soon!

Pick Up Sports – Virtual Sports Classes for Kids ages 3-6

Learning a Musical Instrument Has Lifelong Benefits for Children

DEAL!! Learn any Language online from anywhere with LearnLanguages24

They keep bringing the lunchbox back with veggies uneaten! You need ENOF!

Face Masks for Kids and Adults that filter particles and droplets

Paleo Pro – Primal Protein Bars to get your student through their long study nights

Wear your sunscreen and hand sanitizers for easy access! – Send your student to school with HandiGURU

College Care Packages: Succulents Subscription Boxes

Add some baked cheddar straws to their lunches – made with aged Wisconsin cheese from Mama Geraldine’s

Wander Puzzle Co is making connections with women through their designs – great for College roommates to connect!

Send the kids back to school with their personal collapsible water bottle from Nomader

Mary’s Gone Crackers – a plant-based snack for lunch

Parents of tween girls – resources as you shop for her firsts! Bleuet Girls

Calm Strips are sensory adhesives you can stick to just about anything to provide stress and fidgeting relief

Election Night, a family game that teaches math, geography and about the electoral college for ages 8+.

The New Art of Raising Happy Kids: Today’s Guide to a Strong, Confident & Caring Child – new book

Trust me! Your child will love to be rewarded for their hard school work this year from Cuddle Clones

More coming to this link up above…keep checking back!

2020 Back to School Giveaway coming soon…..

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I don’t envy parents of school age children right now, with having to navigate all of the issues of school and covid.

Sharon Rooney

The Swiss Digital Women’s Smart Massaging Backpack would be perfect for the high school or college student. Don’t forget to put masks on the back to school list.

Mia E.

Virtual sports classes are a good way to keep kids active all year long.

monique s

I love the smart massaging backpack. What a great idea


massaging backpack is an interesting idea

rochelle haynes

Looks good to me


Learning a musical instrument is helpful in so many different ways.


My grandchildren would really enjoy Pick Up Sports. Thanks for sharing!

Robin Creager

Of all of the different activities I think virtual learning is safest. Although learning to play an instrument is also very important.

Chris Hoey

Nylons for school

gloria patterson

I look at this list of great things and wonder what school is going to look like. At home on-line or at school. If they are at school what will they be doing……. Makes me glad I don’t have to make these decisions

Pam Wheeler

I believe the learning an instrument is important for kids and promotes learning.

Rana Durham

i think the virtual learning helps because its safer and saves lot of money. thank you for this article it def is an eye opener.

Jessica Lodge

My 9 year old son started guitar at the beginning of last school year and then transitioned to zoom guitar lessons when we went to stay at home orders. It has been great and guitar really does well with online classes.

Anita Kennett

Really getting great ideas


I left a 5 rating love your blog and this school gift guide is epic.

Dena Akbar

I love the smart massaging backpack. What a great idea

Suzanne B

Massaging backpack? I need one of those.

Margaret Smith

Can’t believe how much things have changed with going back to school. Virtual sports is quite unusual and a great idea.

Tracy Suzanne DeLoach

I would love to get the Swiss Digital Women’s Smart Massaging Backpack for my granddaughter who is entering her senior year of high school. It’s such a shame that her most important year is marred by the pandemic, but we all count our blessings.

Jennifer Redd

I like how you add a comfortable mask to your list, finding a good mask seems to be as important as a comfortable school outfit for people to wear all day long right now.

Michele Pineda

definitely some great options, whether schooling is virtual or in person. My daughter would love that backpack, her shoulders are so sore and tense after carrying hers and where this is a massaging backpack, it would definitely help. Never knew something like this existed!

Antoinette M

The massaging backpack sounds great!

Darla Kidder

I don’t have young children anymore they grew up to be young adults so I don’t have to get up early anymore , my are 27 and 32 now

Buddy Garrett

This post is very. Useful. There are a lot of great products.


I like the Hand Guru! How ooh to be able to have sunscreen and hand sanitizer wit such easy access! I want for me, too!

Tony Platz

I like the Virtual Sports Classes .


I like the Wander Puzzle Co puzzles. Love the artwork and they look like fun. 

Sue E

This is one amazing guide! It has items on it that I wouldn’t have thought of! I like the clever Election Night Game! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these prizes!!