2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For Brands

Parenting Healthy is beginning to organize the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Every year I try to change anything that didn’t get me too excited after the last year and add something new.

Here is what is new and why….
Social shares In the past I would schedule shares for the blog features several times within the first 2 weeks of that feature going live. Now each blog feature will get 1 share on all of my social media channels when live then 1-2 a week on 1-2 social channels where I know will have the best exposure from feature date until the Holidays. If your feature goes live right before the Holidays you get a bunch of shares  in to make up for ‘lost weeks’. Make sense?
A Buying Guide!! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? In my spreadsheet program I use for printables, every product will be listed by age (ages 0-adult) as well as a section titled “What to Buy with those Gift Cards” and this is great for apps, game downloads, etc.. My readers will be able to print or download this gift guide to take shopping with them for ideas on-the-go!
Packages Available
Total Package: Price: $150 PLUS Product. You get a Blog Feature, YouTube video embedded and published, 6 social shares spread out the first week post is live, 2 social shares each on 2 channels each week, Inclusion in gift guide, Buying Guide link, Dedicated Newsletter promotion to my subscribers, 1 FB carousel or slideshow Boosted for 2 days.
Social Package:Price: No fee, $25+ value in product(s)/store credit. You get 2 social shares each a week on 2 of my channels with original photos or one of your choice if you have a Hi-Res to send me. Inclusion in the gift guide and buying guide. (There is no blog post feature with this option)
Feature Package:Price: No fee, $50+ value in product(s)/store credit (or combination). You get a blog feature, 4 social shares when live, 1-2 social shares a week on different social channels of mine, inclusion in gift guide and buying guide. A mention in my ‘happenings’ newsletter.
Let’s get started!
Sign up and pick your package here << https://goo.gl/forms/Hg8iaqBhSIRYaVB32 >>
I will email you back when you fill this out in 1-2 days confirming and we can discuss any questions, exchange shipping address, etc.. Of course, if you want to reach out immediately or give me a heads up you filled it out you can reply for any reasons!
**NOTE! I try not to duplicate products so I will kindly let you know if I cannot accept your product. No hurt feelings, but variety works best, too much can be…too much and I am only 1 person (lol)!