2017 Ambassador Opportunities with Parenting Healthy

Welcome to Parenting Healthy


I would love to become an Ambassador for your brand

I have spent years working as a Blogger and joining network groups to promote brands. It was a good thing in that I learned a lot from having a middle-man. I learned the importance of telling a story to feature a brand so my readers can connect with the product right away and I also learned to focus on original photography and how to best portray the product by image within my post.

However, I was missing a real connection with the brand. I would write posts that would sit waiting to be approved by a network. I could not get too creative because I had a square box of rules to remain in. I couldn’t tell personal stories because another Blogger took my idea first. It worked great and was a great income, but until I had a few brands reach out personally to me and hire me as an ambassador did I realize that working directly with a brand was the best for both sides. I love direct feedback and filling my editorial calendar up with shares and correct campaign deadlines, etc. I love to be creative-get fun photos, tell stories-include my son’s in the features if products relate to their ages. I can do this working directly with you!

I am an Ambassador for:

  1. Premier Protein
  2. LeapFrog/VTech
  3. Chick-fil-A
  4. UnitedHealthcare
  5. Best Buy

I would love to add you to this list!


3 month commitment: $500 (plus any product samples)

6 month commitment: $900 (plus any product samples)

9 month commitment: $1,400 (plus any product samples)

1 year commitment: $1,700 (plus any product samples)

Commitment includes: 1 Blog Post monthly, 5+ social shares a month on 3 social channels each, button on my sidebar, can run a giveaway of your product (max 1 giveaway a month and will send you winner info for prize fulfillment), any additional social shares from your social channels when you have promotions.

Please contact Erinn Sluka for more information at erinnsluka@gmail.com