2016 Holiday Gift Guide at Parenting Healthy


Welcome and I am glad to learn you are interested in Parenting Healthy’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

I will be focusing on the following categories for the gift guide this season- October to January

Women * Men * Children * Home * Food

Contact: Erinn Sluka at erinnsluka@gmail.com

How can you be featured?

  1. Product Reviews. Have a product you want to send so we can try it, get original photos and feature? Happy to do a review feature. We only ask that you send a value of $50+ that can be in product/gift cards/VIP coupons, etc.. We will get photos, find a creative story to tell with your product and share on social media throughout the season. Sample review posts: Children’s Toothbrush, Kids Beef Jerky, Cleaning products, Beauty Product. No product loans as product is not returned.
  2. Sponsored posts. Perhaps you don’t have product to send, but rather have a budget for paid, thorough campaign posts. I have worked with many brands to do high quality sponsored posts. Some brands I have worked with are Xfinity, Upromise, UnitedHealthcare and more. These posts tell a story, offer tips and are shared multiple times in social media. They will include images-some original if you prefer and links. Fees vary, so contact me for your needs. Sample sponsored posts: Online & TV learning, College Savings, Preventative Healthcare
  3. Giveaways. We are happy to host a giveaway for your product for maximum exposure. Contact for more details. I will send you winner information for shipping after giveaway ends.

2015 was a huge success working with so many well-known brands and I know 2016 will be just as successful. I hope we can find a way to work together.