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2 Weather Stations to Keep You Ahead of the Storms

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Keeping ahead of changing weather or storms is a benefit for so many reasons. I live in the Pacific NW and early in the week it makes no sense to check ahead for the weekend weather. This is because the coast brings in so many fronts it can change in a day. I have seen reports of rain for a Saturday soccer game and arrive layered with umbrellas only to sit and bask in the sun. Then I have had the reverse where I’m watching from the car because a cloud decided to come right to us and open up.

I keep a wireless temperature station in my home. I have the range reader outside by my slider and the station in my kitchen. The weather may say sunny but if I look outside and see clouds and notice the pressure falling I know there is a chance of moisture that could occur. It’s also handy to have the date, time and indoor temperature so easily available on the large digital screen. I have the La Crosse Wireless Color Temperature Station.


La Crosse has more products that bring your accurate weather and time. With a son heading off to college it is important that he always gets to class on time. Therefor, I am sending him with a reliable alarm clock. It is digital, made with accuracy and is an atomic alarm clock. If he forgets about daylight savings or to reset after a power failure, his clock won’t forget to keep up and adjust to the correct time on its own.


How does the Atomic Alarm Clock help you keep ahead of the changing weather? It also has a display for humidity and indoor temperature. Living in a stuffy dorm gets muggy and knowing what the humidity is doing makes this clock as intelligent as I have seen. Oh and the fun part is the color moon phase you get. My 8 year old tried to claim his brothers clock for that feature alone. It even has a USB post so they can charge devices right from their alarm clock.


La Crosse Technology has so many options for your home. Visit Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest products.

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