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2 Special Educational Needs (SEN) Children’s Books – ADHD and Dyslexia

There is a new series called SEN Superpowers. The series celebrates the positive traits associated with a range of common SEN (Special Education Needs) specialties, boosting the confidence and strength-awareness of children with those conditions, while also allowing for better understanding and positivity among their peers. This series is by Quarto.

Someone has been stealing food from Snowball, the classroom pet bunny! Can Izzy use her SEN Superpowers to track down the culprit and save the day? SEN Superpowers: The Classroom Mystery explores the topic of ADHD.

When I was younger they called it ‘spacing out’, ‘rude’ or ‘unable to pay attention’. We know ADHD to be a superpower now and in this series the focus on one task helps a classroom pet.

When Sammy’s group loses their map on a camping trip, can he use his SEN Superpowers to save the day and lead them safely back to the campsite? SEN Superpowers: The Map Challenge explores the topic of dyslexia.

Words are only a part of a story. There are challenges and advantages to dyslexia and this story shines on both for Sammy.

These 2 books are available now on Amazon and more information and locations for purchase at Quarto!

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