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2 Insignia Bluetooth Speakers from Best Buy

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Music! It inspires us and motivates us. It relaxes us and can energize us. I remember being a teenager and taking my boombox outside. We would find the largest extension cord we could in the garage and plug our cassette player in and reach it out to then end of the driveway so we had music while we played. Now we have bluetooth speakers that fit in the palm of our hand and no extension cord is needed. We can take these anywhere-to teach a gym class, go running with it and even pack in our purse for campgrounds and beach trips. One of my favorite brands available at my favorite electronics store is the Insignia line of Bluetooth speakers at Best Buy

I was sent 2 Insignia Wireless Bluetooth speakers that are unique in their own ways. I have the Insignia Bluetooth® Plug-In Wall Speakers and Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker. One I can take anywhere-in the car, while I run, etc. The other I can save table and shelf space and play as it is plugged into a wall socket anywhere in my home. I can, however, unplug and play it from wherever I want to set it on for up to 2 hours a charge. I’ll examine each speaker below.

Insignia Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

This small portable speaker is a round speaker covered in a silicone casing. Sound comes from the front and back and the strap allows you to hang anywhere near you or from your clothing or bag you may be carrying. It will wirelessly stream from any Bluetooth® device. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 6 hours. It also will act as a speaker phone if you are connected to your phone’s bluetooth®. You won’t miss a call if listening to your playlist through this speaker. 

The colors are bright and come in sea green, hot pink, horizon and cobalt blue. It pumps sound out flawlessly with its 1.5W total system power is this small speaker. It gets loud! It also has a USB interface for charging.

Insignia Bluetooth® Plug-In Wall Speaker

There is no place this wireless speaker can’t go except for submerged in water. You can fit this in your beach bag with full charge, set on a table or shelf and even listen to it as it is plugged into a wall outlet. This is great when entertaining because you can plug it in out of sight and connect to any Bluetooth® device and hear your music with great sound quality. Even if you do not have a bluetooth device such as kids radios or a garage stereo, you can use the Audio input jack to play and carry your sound with you. If it is plugged into the wall it always keeps its full charge. If you unplug it and use, the built-in rechargeable battery lasts over 2 hours. 
I use this when deep cleaning the house every week. I can carry it from upstairs to downstairs and room to room. 

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